Weekly Message #5-5

VINTAGE rocks featuring David Plottel on Bass guitar!

VINTAGE rocks featuring David Plottel on Bass guitar!

Another weekend whizzes by and we head into week 5 of school.  It seems that this has been the busiest fall ever as we scramble to get things done!  David’s band had 2 great gigs this weekend – thanks to Barb and Paul for coming out on Friday night.  Barb and I had a delicious dinner and then enjoyed the band as they played oldies and some new songs too!

The grade 7’s will be attending the Dalai Lama’s visit on Tuesday.  In addition, Jen will be teaching  a demo lesson on Gratitude for the Dalai Lama to observe.  Bernadette’s class will have the unique opportunity of seeing the Dalai Lama “up close and personal”  Karl, Jen, Richard and I will attend a second event in the afternoon so… Jane will be in charge in the morning and Paul in the afternoon.

Our first PAC meeting will be on Tuesday night – please encourage students to ask their parents to attend,

And finally, the week ends with Pro- D for all of us.  The focus of the admin conference this year is Technology so we look forward to sessions on Friday and Saturday.  Each of you will have made plans to attend something this Friday –  teachers, please make sure to let Brenden know your plans.  SSSAs should let the office know where they will be.

On Monday of next week, we will welcome Misty who will be leading the staff as you further investigate “inquiry teaching and learning”.  Unfortunately, I won’t be back until Tuesday.

There will be no weekly message next week as I will be transitioning between Whistler and a wedding in Ladner on Sunday – no time for computer use!


  1. Dalai Lama event for Bernadette’s class and the Grade 7’s on Tuesday.
  2. PAC meeting Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the library
  3. Goal Setting Interviews on Wednesday.  2:00 dismissal for all students.
  4. SSSAs to meet with Joey Lau on Wednesday from 2 – 3 in the library.
  5. Goal Setting Interviews to continue on Thursday.  Please make sure to supply your interview schedule to the office.
  6. Pro- D Day on Friday (and Monday!)

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-4

10445982_10152733610371061_8046863731420700789_nHappy Thanksgiving to all!  I hope that you had time to rest and relax this weekend.  I am thankful for the time spent with my family – a beautiful turkey dinner cooked by my sweet husband and the many blessings in my life.

We embark on another busy week – #4 already!  We will have our Terry Fox Run on Tuesday afternoon.  We have collected about $200 so far but I am sure that number will go up this week.  We will continue to accept donations up until Oct. 23rd.  Classes will meet in the gym at 2:00 for a brief inspirational start!

Our second performance of the year will be on Wednesday afternoon – the Blues Berries.  They have been to Moberly before, I think, but I hear they are a great group.

We will be spending all day Thursday and Friday doing our class review.  The purpose of this meeting is to “red flag” students for whom we have concerns so that we can seek support for them.  Our counsellor, Jane Wyllychuk, our school psychologist, Kathy Grimm, and the Speech Language Pathologist, Deanne Yee, will all be present for at least part if not all of the process.  Please come prepared with brief comments about the students who concern you so that we can use the time efficiently.

It’s Photo Day on Thursday and I encourage you to not only remind your students but consider have a free staff photo taken for you.  You don’t have to order the picture but it means we can use the pics in our school Memory book.

Thanks to Paula and Richard for organizing the Popcorn sale for Terry Fox this Friday – I’m sure it will sell out like last time and will mean some extra funds towards our goal of $2500!

And finally a shameless plug…  for those of you who are interested, David’s band is playing this weekend at the ANAF Legion on No. 1 Rd and Chatham.  No cover charge, cheap liquor and food and an AMAZING band.  8:00 – 12:00 on Friday and Saturday night – hope to see some of you there.


  1. Terry Fox Run at 2:00 on Tuesday.  Meet in the gym.
  2. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge.
  3. Performance by the Blues Berries at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon.  Please wait to be called down.
  4. Individual Photo Day on Thursday.
  5. Class Review Thursday and Friday.  A copy of the schedule will be placed in your box this week.
  6. Popcorn Sale for Terry Fox on Friday at recess.

Have a great 4 day week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-3


It feels like such a huge accomplishment to get all of our students into their classes and settled.  Most students and parents seem very satisfied with their new places.  I have spoken to a few parents and their concerns are very similar – a lack of understanding of how combined or split classes work.  I would appreciate any efforts you can make if you are teaching a split class to reinforce and reassure students that they will be receiving instruction at their grade level.  If parents ask you, there is a great pamphlet from the VSB which explains the rationale behind split class teaching.  I will put a copy in teachers’ boxes next week in case if is useful to you.

Morning announcements will start this week and will include a daily message about “Kindness”.  If possible, please take the time to review each day’s message with your class as appropriate.

We are still looking for people to fill some of our committee spots – in particular, we need someone to take on the “Gifted Education” portfolio.  This is a more active committee job than some as it involves a couple of meetings each year as well as managing referrals to district programs.  It would be great if someone could take this on.

The performance guide for “Showdown” is pinned to the bulletin board above the sign in – there are some great activities for both pre and post show that would enhance students understanding of the show.  Please help yourself and make a copy if you like.

Thanks to the Resource team for all their hard work in updating 1701 numbers.  It is a time consuming job but an important one for our school.  Thanks also,  to Maria and Scott for helping me to “recycle” the leftover materials in the photocopy room after school on Friday.


  1. Supervision Aide Meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday morning.
  2. Staff Committee meeting at lunch on Thursday.  Agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by noon on Wednesday please.
  3. “Showdown” performance by Green Thumb Theatre at 9:30 on Friday.  Suitable for K-7 but I leave it up to the K teachers as to whether their students are ready to sit quietly for 45 minutes.
  4. ** Please note that Theresa is away from Monday to Thursday and Jen is away Monday and Tuesday.  Their TOCs will be providing you with the gift of assessment support and prep time!


Weekly Message #5-2

images-2The first week has flown by (as has the weekend!)  I don’t know about you but I was ready for bed when I got home on Friday!  However, I feel that we accomplished a lot last week.  Students have all been placed in classes.  This is always a marathon feat but especially this year since we were approaching the task from scratch.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful input and decisions.  I know how difficult it is to decide the fate of the students for whom we care so deeply – particularly when I am there “rushing” you along.  Our plan is to move to classes first thing Monday morning.  Class lists will be in your boxes so you know where to direct your students.  We appreciate any assistance that unassigned staff can provide in moving kids along to their new placements – particularly our primary students.  If there are glitches (and there might be) please refer to the office and we will deal with them.  If parents express concern about placements, please send them my way.

The Resource team has already met a couple of times and we are well on our way to figuring out assignments.  Our next big project once students are in classes is confirming all of our ELL students.  Resource teachers will be heavily involved in this task as it determines district funding for this school year.  We understand the importance of starting up resource service asap and will continue to strive for the earliest date possible. A big thank to our Resource team for their testing of new students during the first week.  The results were very helpful in placing new students.

I know that Karl has been working hard to assist everyone with their supply and furniture needs (thank you Karl!)   Please continue to let him know if you are missing essential items and we’ll do our best to supply them.


  1. Meeting for Resource team with DRPC staff re: 1701 record keeping at 1:00 on Monday in Jen’s room.
  2. Meeting for Gr. 2/3 teachers in Paula’s room at lunch on Tuesday.
  3. Staff committee meeting at lunch on Thursday.  Please post your agenda items to the clipboard in the staffroom by Wednesday at noon.  Agendas will be in your boxes by 3 on Wednesday.
  4. SSSA meeting at 8:00 on Friday morning.  Location TBA

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-1

images FINALLY!  We are back at work together on the first official day of fall.  Karl and I are so grateful to have our marvellous Moberly staff back in the building as we all work together to support Moberly students!  It is sure to be a busy week and I know that many of you will be feeling the stress of too much to do in too short a time, both now and throughout this first term.  Karl and I are treating you to a pizza lunch on Monday so you can delay that lunch packing for one more day!  Please stay in the staffroom after our staff meeting to chat and enjoy some pizza.

To quote “Hagrid” from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – What’s coming is coming and we’ll meet it when it does.  Our most important task this week is to count kids and get them into classes.  All the pink and blue slips were handed out in June.  Please try to fill them out as best you can in preparation for casting times this week.  We will begin with upper intermediate on Monday afternoon.  The tentative schedule is in your “Welcome Back” handout in your green folder.  If you can’t find your pinks and blues – please let us know asap in the office.

I know that many of our supply orders were mixed up or just plain missing.  I apologize for the extra work this causes you.  We will be sure to provide detailed feedback to the VSB purchasing department about the challenges we have faced with the new vendor this year.  Please know that if you are missing supplies, you just need to let Karl know and we’ll take of it.  Also, if there are additional items you need for your class, always check with us before purchasing as we often have a less expensive source and can help you out.

Finally, for the past two years, my mantra has been “It’s all about reading”.  I am encouraged and excited about the growth we have seen in our students’ reading skills.  This year, some of our students / teachers will be fortunate to be part of the Dalai Lama’s visit to John Oliver in October.  In line with this opportunity, I will be focusing on my message for this year which I am hoping will resonate with both students and staff.  It is a quote from the Dalai Lama which says, “Be kinder than necessary“.  During this busy, stressful start up time, please kind to each other and to yourselves.   Looking forward to another wonderful year!


  1. Staff meeting at 1:00 in the lunchroom on Monday.
  2. Class casting starting at approximately 1:15 on Monday afternoon.  Please wait to be called down.  Casting will continue until it’s done between recess and lunch each day.
  3. Staff meeting Thursday at lunch.
  4. Health & Safety meeting Friday (note date change due to postponement of Professional Day) at 8:15 in the staffroom.

Weekly Message #4-34

IMG_0208If anyone is wondering how I spent my Sunday – here’s the evidence.  We made the rounds of the local car dealerships with my Dad and he ended up buying a new Dodge Journey Crossroad.  Pretty cool car huh?   It has heated seats, mirrors and steering wheel and lots of other bells and whistles.  We’re hoping he’ll be safe and happy in his new vehicle and if we get to drive him places in it – that’s a bonus!

Thursday night brought us another wonderful retirement party!  Thanks so much to Harjinder for hosting as the torrential rain would have been a real downer at the beach.  The skit was INCREDIBLY funny.  I just have to think about the “3 Peggys” and I start laughing.  We have such talented people on our staff.

I think that Grade 7 grad was a big hit with our families on Friday afternoon.  We had all but about 7 grads there and lots of family members and food.  Students mingled around for the first hour, enjoying all the delicious food and then we had a short formal program at about 3:10 where we handed out certificates and pictures.  The kids were so happy to have a chance to dress up in their “grad clothes” and boy did they look great!  Henry took lots of pictures and the link will be on the Moberly website if you want to check it out.  Henry will send out the password to everyone.

It sounds like there will be a lovely “goodbye” for Henry on Wednesday night.  I wish I could be there but it is Adam’s convocation at the Chan Centre so that’s where we’ll be. (I won’t be in the school on Wednesday so Henry will be “in charge” of the emptiness.

On the staffing front, we have filled two of our 5 vacant positions.  We welcome Arwyn King as Mira’s new partner in Grade 1 AND drum roll please… Shannon Woron will be returning to be Resource and Alison’s partner (Hurrah!)

On a sadder note, David and I and many Moberly staff members attended the  Celebration of Life service for Barb’s Dad on Saturday afternoon.  It was a beautiful and moving afternoon where we were all lucky to hear the story of Bud Winteringham’s life and the amazing legacy he has left in his wife, children and 13 grandchildren.  We are all sending our love to Barb and her family as they deal with the grief of losing a beloved parent / grandparent.

I still have my fingers crossed that you will be back for this final week of school but if not, please accept my sincere wishes for a wonderful summer break.  After such a difficult year end, you all deserve it!  In case you are wondering what Henry and I will be doing – well – Henry will be invigilating exams and marking provincial exams for much of the week while I will be pulling, purging, preparing and delivering Grade 7 files to the high schools.

Weekly Message #4-33

DSC_0449Happy Father’s Day to all of you.  Hoping that all the fathers out there are being treated well on their special day.  We have taken advantage of the 2 for 1 coupon at Blenz today and I will be taking Dad and David (and the rest of our family) to the Charthouse for dinner tonight.  I am thankful to have my Dad with us to celebrate today.

What a wonderful party for Gwen on Friday night! Congratulations to all of the organizers for their hard work and effort.  Great food, great music and great fun.  I know I speak for all of us when I wish Gwen a happy and healthy retirement.  We look forward to another fun get together on Thursday when we celebrate Peggy’s retirement.  We are hoping for a sunny day so that we can go ahead with a “beach party”.  If it rains and teachers are still on strike, you are welcome to join us at my house to celebrate Peggy.

I continue to cling to optimism and hope that all of our staff will be at work some time this week.  Hopefully there will be a positive announcement at the teachers’ study session on Monday!  Obviously, everything else on the calendar is on hold this week.  Henry and I are sending you our best from a very empty Moberly!

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