Weekly Message #5-33

No models under 70!

No models under 70!

Happy Father’s Day to you all.  I hope you had a restful weekend as we head into the final week for students!  Some of you knew that I had plans to go to a Fashion Show on Friday night thanks to a girlfriend who bought tickets for a group of us to go.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered it was a “Seniors” Fashion Show!  I know i have to come to terms with my age but… this was a bit much.  All the “models” were over 70 and the biggest selling feature for the clothes was an elastic waistband.  The half-time show was a group of senior drummers.  It was entertaining if nothing else!

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Moberly Idol show – it’s always such a highlight for the kids.  Thanks again to all of you who
put in time to audition and support the performers.  We will call you down to the new gym for a 1:15 start.

Our final class placements group will be meeting on Monday after school.  With the new information system, we can’t enter students into new classes until after June 30 so we are not able to give you a draft class list until next week.  Sorry about that.  We will be reviewing classes again after the summer break as usual so we can “tweak” things then.

Grade 7 grad is coming up on Tuesday – we look forward to a delicious lunch in the new gym followed by the grad ceremony and dance.

Awards certificates will be coming to intermediate class teachers’ boxes early this week for your signature.  Please sign asap and return to Patti so I can organize them for Thursday’s awards assembly.

Finally, we will end our week with a wonderful breakfast at McCleery golf course.  Thanks so much to our social committee for organizing this.  It’s lovely to get together and enjoy the year end.  If you are not attending the breakfast, you are required to report to school that day.  Departure times will vary based on your discretion – please provide a contact number in case we need to touch base with you.


  1. Grad rehearsal in the new gym at 9:10 on Monday morning.  Grade 7’s should come down after attendance and morning announcements.
  2. Resource Team meeting at 11:00 on Monday morning in Anita’s room
  3. Moberly Idol 1:15 – 2:30 on Monday.
  4. Grade 7 Grad 12:00 – 4:00 on Tuesday.
  5. Patti away on Wednesday afternoon
  6. Awards Assembly at 9:30 on Thursday morning.
  7. Grade 7 run at 2:45 on Thursday afternoon.
  8. Staff breakfast at McCleery golf course on Friday morning.

Have a great last week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-32

IMG_1965What an amazing Sports Day!  I lost track of the number of students who told me that they were having “so much fun”!  Thanks to our organizing team under the fine direction of Dan for a beautiful day.  In addition, our hot dog lunch was a big success bringing in over $1300 for the playground.  A million thanks to Narinder, Beth and their team of parent / staff volunteers for all their work.

Class placements are moving along with four more grades meeting some time this week.  Thank you for the efforts you are making to form balanced classes which provide the best learning situations for our students.  We will be sure to revisit our classes in September for “one more look”.

A huge thank you to Jen Erickson and her husband Jonathan Weresch (newly promoted to principal at MacDonald

Hoppin' Robin

Hoppin’ Robin

Elementary for September – congrats) for hooking us up with a donor who will be dropping off 19 excellent computers on Monday.  Our technician, Sam, has agreed to set these computers up on the VSB network.  Stay tuned for the plan for rolling these into our school programs.

As no one decided to take on the Gr 1/2 position for next year, a posting has been submitted to HR.  They will likely place someone next week.

Lots of field trips and special events coming up over the next week.  Let’s hope the good weather holds on!

Reports are due on Monday – evens to Patti, odds to Karl.  Please let us know if you will be late.

Karl and the kids

Karl and the kids


  1. Patti & Karl at the area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge.
  2. Patti at the VSB on Thursday afternoon.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-31

Peonies purchased at the Steveston Market

Peonies purchased at the Steveston Market

What a glorious weekend!  David and I went to the Steveston Outdoor Market today and I highly recommend that you consider checking it out in the future.  It is on every two weeks on Sunday all summer – right next to the Cannery and the Steveston Hotel.  Lots of local merchants with jewellery, crafts, soaps and delicious food /drinks.  Our kitchen is stocked with all sorts of homemade goodies to last for the next little while.

Congratulations to Melissa and all those who helped her to put together a beautiful Volunteer Tea on Friday.  It went like clockwork and I think the volunteers felt very appreciated.

The latest version of the class placement schedule was placed in teacher boxes on Friday.  It has been very challenging to find times for people to meet in between field trips, special activities, IEPs etc.  Sorry we couldn’t fit everyone into the 11-12 slot but it just wasn’t possible.  Thank you for filling out your pink and blue slips in advance of your casting times.  I will be chatting with you about the placement of special needs students on Monday if I haven’t touched based with you yet.  Once I have met with all teachers, I will be providing SSSAs with information about their tentative assignments for September.

Resource reports are due this Wednesday to Patti – please try to get them in on time.  Let me know if you will be late.

I am hoping the excellent weather will last until Sports Day this Friday.  A million thanks to Narinder and her helpers for organizing the Hot Dog Day.  She has managed to get donations from several sources (including Dale!)  to cover all the costs for this event so all the money we collect will go straight to the Playground account. WOW!

Speaking of the playground, Narinder, Dale and I attended a Rotary luncheon meeting on Wednesday last week where we provided information and a short presentation asking for financial support for the playground.  Keep your fingers crossed that we end up with some help.

The Health & Safety committee had planned to meet on Monday morning to do our assigned 1 hour Violence and Risk assessment survey.  Unfortunately, the information promised by the VSB to support that survey has not yet arrived so we will be rescheduling.  My apologies to the committee for the late notice of this change.


  1. Moberly Idol auditions after school on Monday.
  2. Moberly Idol decisions at lunch on Tuesday.
  3. Division 1 bandana sale on Wednesday.  Show your team spirit!
  4. Books from the Primary book room need to be returned by Thursday – thank you.
  5. Patti at Community Link year end summary meeting on Thursday morning (8:30 – 10)
  6. Student Council Wrap up celebration at lunch on Thursday.
  7. Sports Day on Friday.

Only 3 weeks left!

Weekly Message #5-30

imgres-1More glorious weather this weekend – I hope you had a chance to enjoy it!  A highlight for me this week will be attending the Bette Midler concert on Tuesday evening.  David and I look forward to an evening with the Divine Miss M!

We look forward to our Volunteer Tea this Friday – always a great opportunity to thank those who help us to keep the school running!  Hopefully everyone can make it down at recess to show their support for our volunteers.

I am doing my best to put together a schedule for class casting but it is proving to be very challenging.  It will be a work in progress this week until we manage to find a time for everyone.  Thank you for your patience.

Congratulations to Karl and the Kindergarten team for an excellent Welcome to Kindergarten event last week.


  1. Primary Resource meeting on Monday at lunch
  2. Supervision Aide meeting on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.
  3. Staff Committee on Tuesday at lunch.  Agenda items to the clipboard by noon on Monday please.
  4. Performance by Ache Brasil at 2:00 on Tuesday afternoon. (This was a date change made by the performers so please take note)
  5. Patti at VSB on Thursday afternoon.
  6. SSSA meeting on Friday at 8:15 in the library.
  7. Volunteer Tea from 10 – 11:30 on Friday morning.
  8. All library books due by Friday.
  9. Last day for MOST resource programs this Friday.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-29

Rockin' with WHE

Rockin’ with WHE

Spent the day on Saturday making music with our band (Widely Held Expectations).  We are looking forward to our yearly gig at the Elementary Principal and Vice Principal Retirement Dinner in June.  It’s great to activate a different part of my brain and enjoy some fun time with friends

Here comes the last week of May!  So much going on – thank you to all of you who are picking up extra jobs to make our year end functions / activities come to life!  The focus is slowly shifting to preparing for next year as we get the chance to meet next year’s Kindergarten students this week.  It’s always fun to see all their shiny faces!  Thanks to Karl and the K teachers for organizing things to make them feel welcome.

Summer School plans are moving along as well.  At this point, all classes are full and students who bring in late forms will be placed on a wait list.  We have seven classes filled with students who will definitely benefit from the extra help.

Lots and lots of students interested in Moberly Idol auditions.  I had to add extra paper to the sign up list!  We will be looking for volunteers to help with viewing auditions – very entertaining if you have the time.  Thanks to Jane and her committee for making the kids dreams of “stardom” come true.

The Grade 7 grad will be similar to the recent past with a luncheon for all staff and the Grade 7 students at 12:10 on Tuesday, June 23rd.  A sign in sheet will be on the counter in the office on Monday or Tuesday to indicate if you wish to attend.  Please make sure to sign up so we can plan for the right amount of food.

Staff are challenged to participate in Twin / Triplet Day this Friday.


  1. Patti at the VSB on Monday afternoon.
  2. Welcome to Kindergarten 10:30 – 12:00 on Tuesday morning in the new gym.
  3. Primary resource meeting -Tuesday at Lunch.
  4. Administrators’ study group in the library on Tuesday from 3:45 – 5:30.
  5. Health & Safety Meeting – Friday at 8:15 in the staffroom
  6. Student Led Assembly on Friday at 9:00.  Divs. 8 & 9 will be leading us.
  7. Patti at the VSB all day Friday.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-28

Backyard is all set for summer.

Backyard is all set for summer.

Welcome back to the final stretch.  As usual, we have many activities packed into the last 6 weeks of school.  Thanks to Karl for organizing this week’s “Ready, Set, Learn” event on Tuesday afternoon.  Sonika will be running the program and will do her usual great job!

Gr. 7 grad is just around the corner so the Grade 7 teachers will be meeting on Wednesday at lunch to firm up our plans.  Please make sure to mark June 23rd  in your calendar for the grad luncheon.

I hate to say the words out loud but REPORT CARDS are also coming up next month.  There will be no Silhouette download for attendance so please expect to use labels.  In addition, the method for recording final grades for the PSR records has changed.  Information will come your way but be aware that marks sheets will be due the same day as report cards (June 15th).

There will be a newsletter to send home on Tuesday so please check your boxes at lunch if you can.

The School Plan is due this Friday so please make sure to provide any additional feedback you have by the end of the day on Tuesday.


  1. Ready, Set, Learn Tuesday afternoon in the Strong Start Centre.
  2. Last PAC meeting of the year on Tuesday night in the library – 7:00 p.m.
  3. Gr. 7 teachers meeting to plan Grad – Wednesday at lunch location TBA
  4. Patti at the VSB all day on Thursday – Karl is in charge!
  5. Resource Team meeting on Friday at lunch.
  6. South Asian Professionals presentation for Divs. 5 and 7 in the library on Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-27

IMG_0299Awesome weather this weekend as we celebrate Mother’s Day!  A day for David and I to think fondly of our mothers and a day to feel very special – thanks to the pampering I received from David and Adam.  This week’s picture features me sitting in my new backyard lounge chair.  Love it!!!  I hope all of you had a restful weekend and the mothers in our group had a special day on Sunday.

Well folks… only 7 weeks left until year end.  These final weeks are always very busy with lots of things to finish up.  I will be talking to people about staffing this week before submitting our plan on May 22nd.  The school plan is also due very soon so I will finish that up based on your input and send out a draft for your comments.

Summer school responses are coming in slowly so please encourage students to return their form whether they are saying yes or no.  Forms should be sent to the office asap so that Manpreet can enter student data into our summer school spreadsheet.  Those of you who have filled out application forms to teach this summer will be called to a meeting soon to assign grades and classes.  We will likely need a few SSSAs so if you are interested, please let me know.


  1. Performance of “Celestial Being” by Green Thumb for K-7 on Tuesday at 9:30.
  2. Karl and Patti at the VSB on Wednesday morning for the Superintendent’s Meeting and other meetings as well.  Karl should be back by lunch.  Patti will likely be at the VSB all day.

Have a great week everyone!

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