Weekly Message #5-24

imagesMy  cataract surgery went well last Wednesday – can’t say as I enjoyed it but the doctor tells me it was a successful procedure.  My eyesight has been slow to resolve this time so everything is still a bit blurry and sore but hopefully all good soon.  The good news is that the doctor ordered me to be a “couch potato” for at least three days so I did my best to be an obedient patient.  I am looking forward to being back at work on Monday afternoon. (I will be attending a funeral on Monday morning.)

We will enjoy a performance this Friday called Cadence.  A study guide and audio files are available to you by clicking this link:  http://www.prologue.org/DocSco.aspx#cadence

On Wednesday we will all attend the Earth Day Assembly.  Please promote “Walking Wednesday” in your classrooms.  Students will make PA announcements to explain on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Your resource team and I will be asking teachers for reading assessment results this week – phonemic awareness for K’s, DRA for Gr. 1-3 and Woodcock for Gr. 4-7.  We are looking for post Christmas/ term 2 results to compare with last year’s numbers.

All going well, I will be trying to get a newsletter out on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.


  1. Patti away Monday morning.
  2. PAC meeting Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m.
  3. Earth Day Assembly 1:00 on Wednesday afternoon
  4. Keep Vancouver Spectacular clean up after assembly
  5. CADENCE performance for K-7 in the new gym on Friday – time TBA
  6. Health & Safety Meeting Friday morning at 8:15
  7. Salad Day for those signed up on Friday at lunch.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-23

photo (2)Happy Vaisakhi to everyone this week.  David and I had a great time at the parade on Saturday – although we didn’t actually see the “parade” this year, we had a chance to wander the streets, check out the stalls and visit with people before the parade arrived.  Had some delicious free food including some South Asian favourites and mango ice cream too!  The weather was decent although chilly – so much better than rain.  Many of our families will be celebrating this week on Tuesday.

Thank you for the time taken to vote on our Financial plan for this year.  I have already ordered 12 ergonomic chairs and we have set aside the playground money – taking us to a total of over $44000.  Only about 11000 to go!  I ask that the primary and intermediate teachers meet in the very near future to select their new resources so we can order asap.  The same applies for gym equipment and tech purchases.  Let’s get those resources in our hands soon!

I will be away for eye surgery from Wednesday – Friday but will check my email on Thursday and Friday if you have some burning questions.


  1. Area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul will be in charge.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-22

IMG_0267Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you enjoyed your extra long weekend.  It really feels like we are in the home stretch now.  My Dad treated us to a lovely brunch at his golf club on Sunday – saving us the “joy” of making a big dinner and cleaning up after.

Our annual School Planning Day is coming up in a few weeks and I will be reaching out to you to provide some data regarding our reading goal.  I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you all about student learning and our ongoing efforts to support Moberly students.

We will be having a Code Red Drill this Wednesday at about 9:10 in the morning – please remember to review the protocol with your students so that no one gets surprised / scared by the process.

Speaking of Emergency Drills, the Big One at Two is only a month away and we need to firm up our procedures for Student Release as we are expected to release all students that day.  I will call a meeting for those interested in Emergency Response in the near future so that we can review our plan and provide you with a one page “reminder” sheet.  Also, it’s spring time so you should expect three more fire drills over the next term.

I am asking everyone to attend a staff meeting on Friday at lunch to walk through our calendar for next year.  I have the new calendar “inserts” for you so please bring along your current calendar as  a reference.  I will bring the stickers!  We will do our best to get it done in one lunch hour but will finish it off next Tuesday if needed.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.
  2. Staff Committee meeting at lunch on Tuesday.
  3. Code Red Drill on Wednesday at 9:10.
  4. Mid Year review continues on Wednesday afternoon.
  5. David Thompson Articulation meeting with teachers on Thursday at 11:00 a.m.
  6. SSSA meeting at 8:15 on Friday morning.
  7. Calendar meeting at noon on Friday in the staff room.
  8. Karl away Friday afternoon for E-Pro training.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-21

imgres-1Spring is a season of growth and change and our professional world seems to be reflecting what we see in the natural world.  We have a new superintendent, Scott Robinson, and postings have gone out for a new Director of Instruction and a new Associate Superintendent.  These are significant changes to our management team at the district level which affect us all. Provincially, we are charged with implementing a new curriculum – a daunting task but worthwhile.    In addition, we have announcements from the provincial government regarding new guidelines for professional development.  At the school level, we are dealing with a new employee information system and a new student information system.  YIKES!  It’s a lot!   Let’s all make a pledge to work together to get through all this new stuff while keeping our eyes on the ball – the education and support of our students.

Taking care of our health and well being is one way to deal with the stress of increased / new expectations so it is a great time to consider joining in to Shannon’s exercise class.  She is offering a staff fitness program on Thursdays from 3:20-4:20 in the big gym starting April 9th. It will be $5 a class to be paid by the month. The classes will be 30 minutes cardio/strength and 30 minutes yoga stretching. It is open and adaptable to all fitness levels. There is a yellow sign-up sheet on the sign-in table in the office, or ask Shannon for more info.

Next year’s calendar has been finalized so we will need to meet to plan our calendar dates for next year.  Stay tuned for a date and time.  Karl and I will be planning for the School Planning Day on Monday April 27th.  We will be reviewing and revising our plan with current data and the new curriculum in mind.  All staff are asked to attend (including SSSAs) so please let me know if you have a conflict that day.


  1. Health and Safety Meeting Tuesday morning at 8:15.
  2. VSB Budget meeting for administrators at 9:00 on Tuesday morning.
  3. Budget information meeting for staff at recess on Tuesday.

Have a great 4 day week everyone and watch out for April Fool’s jokes on Wednesday.

Weekly Message #5-20


The chores are done

Casino – Won!

So much fun with friends

But now it ends…

Alas, the two weeks have flown by – we had a lovely “staycation”.  We tried out some new restaurants, visited Duncan for a day and even got our taxes done.  I hope your holidays were wonderful for you as well.  But now it is spring and time to get back to work as we enter the whirlwind we call third term.  We’ll be starting off with a bang this week with Parent Teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday.  The good news is that we work with a great group of people and some pretty wonderful kids so here we go!


  1. Administrators’ study group in the library at 3:45 – 5 on Tuesday – sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Karl and Patti at the area meeting on Wednesday.  Paul is in charge.
  3. Parent / Teacher Interviews on Wednesday (2-8) and Thursday (2-6).  2:00 dismissal on both days.  Please make sure to give Yvette a copy of your schedule.
  4. Health and Safety meeting on Friday.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekly Message #5-19

20150227_222258A great time was had by all at the ANAF Legion on Friday night as David’s band rocked the night away.  It was great to see Gwen, Jane, Barb, Paul and Donna come out to hear Vintage at its finest.  I expect the next gig will be near the end of May – we’ll let you know in case you want to drop in.

Spring Break is so close we can almost taste it!  It will be another busy week with Book Fair, Movie night and meetings.  Don’t forget to breathe!

I have scheduled a staff meeting for Friday at lunch.  I am required to provide you with some important time sensitive information on the new People Soft system (new employee numbers for everyone!) as well as new guidelines for reporting to MCFD online.  We need to show you a powerpoint presentation so hopefully we will be able to get into the library on Friday after the book fair stuff is cleared out – if not we’ll have to use an alternate location.  You will need this information to use SFE and to access your pay advice.

Thursday’s staff committee meeting will be focused on our financial plan and we will be asking staff to vote on their preferences.  I will try to get the info out in advance of the meeting so you have some thinking time.

This week, we welcome Joyce Trumbla who is our new Aboriginal Support Worker.  Joyce will be at Moberly every Tuesday and will be based in Jane Wyllychuk’s office.  I will ask her to come to the staffroom on Tuesday at recess for you to meet her.  We look forward to working with Joyce to support our Aboriginal students as well as to work with students and teachers on Aboriginal education.


  1. Book Fair running from Monday to Thursday – Thanks to Melissa for organizing and to everyone who has volunteered some of their time.
  2. Patti at the VSB on Monday morning for training on the new school information system (Good bye to BCESIS and hello to My Ed BC)
  3. Movie Afternoon on Tuesday- All students (about 140 of them) who have bought tickets are encouraged to use the washroom before heading to the new gym after school.  Student forms with popcorn and water tickets will be placed in your boxes on Tuesday morning.  Please make sure that students bring them to the gym.  STAFF VOLUNTEERS who would like to stay and watch the movie while helping with supervision are WELCOME.  It looks like we will make about $300 towards the playground.
  4. Supervision Aide meeting on Wednesday at 11:00 – 11:30.
  5. Staff Committee on Thursday at lunch – we likely don’t have time for any additional agenda items as we are dedicating this meeting to a financial discussion.  Please let Patti or Harj know if you have a burning / urgent issue.
  6. SSSA meeting on Friday at 8:15 – topics to include People Soft and MCFD reporting.  Meeting to be held in the computer lab (due to book fair)
  7. Staff meeting at lunch on Friday in the library (I hope).  Bring your lunches as we update you on important info as above!
  8. Reports go home on Friday.  Please do not hand reports out early to anyone who is going on a holiday.  They will need to get their reports when they return.

Have a great week everyone!  No more weekly bulletin until March 22nd.

Weekly Message #5-18

imagesIt’s hard to believe that spring is still a month away with weekends like this one.  The daffodils are popping in our front garden and allergies are in full swing as the plum and cherry trees are blossoming.  We live in a beautiful part of the world!

Congratulations go out to Scott Robinson whose promotion to Superintendent was announced on Friday.  Scott has been an Associate Superintendent in Vancouver for the past few years.  He has both elementary and secondary administrative experience.  Personally, I have found Scott to be reasonable, fair and caring in his work with schools and principals and I am pleased to see him advance in our district.  Steve Cardwell’s last day at the VSB will be this Friday.

Another busy week is coming up – only two to go before Spring Break.  I have already read a few sets of reports and want to compliment all of you on the effort you make to personalize the opening comments for the parents.  No matter how you look at it, report cards are a time consuming aspect of our work – but a necessary one.  We can expect that there will be new reporting guidelines coming to reflect our new provincial curriculum – whoopee!

Please plan to attend the staff meeting on Tuesday at lunch when John Farias from the VSB will be here to explain the new recycling program – all food scraps must be disposed of separately as per Vancouver City guidelines or the VSB faces big fines.

This week’s student assembly will be in celebration of Pink Day – so search your closets for something pink to wear!  It promises to be a lively and entertaining assembly with performances by our choir and the dancers from Div. 7.


  1. Reports due in the office.  Patti is reading odds and Karl evens.  Please let us know if you will be late.
  2. Patti away at the VSB all day Tuesday.
  3. Staff Meeting re recycling program Tuesday at lunch.
  4. Patti and Karl at the Area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul is in charge.
  5. Pink Day assembly Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.
  6. Health & Safety Committee meeting Friday morning at 8:15.

Have a great week everyone!

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