Weekly Message on my new blog

Hi all – Paul and I have enjoyed an excellent day at the technology conference and have learned how to do a blog. If I am to have any hope of remembering what I have learned today, I need to jump right in and try to use the technology before my failing memory loses this new information! My goal is to set up a blog that staff (and maybe parents eventually) can visit for information and resources to support their daily work. Once we feel a little more comfortable, we would be glad to assist some of you in developing a class blog. We got some excellent examples at our session today that we can share with you including:
http://pancakesforrecess.com AND

On another note: Dawn has extended her absence until March 3rd. This week we welcome back Sousana who is will be doing a gradual return to work – Tuesday and Thursday this week. We are so glad to have you back with us, Sousana!

Coming up this week:

  1. Patti will off site at two different meetings on Monday afternoon
  2. Allison, Sue and Patti will be meeting on Tuesday to flesh out the mural plan. Your creative mind is welcome if you are interested in helping out!
  3. Health and Safety meeting this Friday morning
  4. School Based Team to review Connections Tools for Aboriginal students this Friday – agendas in affected teachers’ boxes early this week. Paul will be chairing.

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