Weekly Message #21

Moberly Weekly Message #21
February 28, 2011

I can hear the snow melting outside the window and I am hoping that it will all be gone for our commute tomorrow. I also hope the kids got their fill of playing in the white stuff yesterday!

We have been invited to be part of a music instruction program which provides free music lessons to students in financial need. I am meeting with the organizer on Thursday so would love to have some names to pass on. You may have already shared some with Paul but if not, send them our way.

I look forward to spending the week reading report cards every evening. Please do your best to be on time and let me know if you will be late or have any questions. I came across an amazing deal for printer for the teacher workroom at the Office Depot close out sale on Sunday. My goal is to have it up and running first thing Monday morning. I know many of you were frustrated with the old one on Friday. The new printer will print double sided so hopefully that will help!

I had a long talk with Dawn last week and she was hoping to return as early as Wednesday, all going well. Lets keep our fingers crossed! Thank you Paul for doing so much to keep things moving in her absence.

1. Staff Committee meeting in the staff room at 12:15 on Tuesday. Please make sure that Paul has any agenda items by noon on Monday so we can distribute an agenda before the end of the day.

2. Student Led Assembly (Div. 6) on Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 (note time change). We have a guest speaker. Constable Sandhu will be here to talk about the pedestrian crossing light at 57th and Ross. Our theme for morning announcements in March and for assembly will be traffic safety.

3. Monthly SSSA meeting on Thursday morning at 8:15 in Room 205.

4. SBT on Friday an agenda will be out early in the week.

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