Moberly Weekly Message #24

I am hoping that all of you enjoyed the two week Spring Break! Many of you had vacation time in exotic places and I look forward to hearing about your trips! Others spent time at home with friends and family and some crazy people like David and I did home renovations. I am sure you will be thrilled to know that the floor is in!

The Centennial is just a month away and it seems like there is still a lot to do. I will be handing out the Decade room materials to teachers this week. I also will be providing you with a tentative agenda / schedule for the event. Please keep passing on the word to people who you think might attend the more people the better!

Congratulations to Gwen on a successful book fair. It takes hours of work on her part to organize and run the fair. Thanks also to anyone who found the time to go down and help out.

Thanks also to Harjinder and the Student Council sponsors for their work in organizing a fundraiser for the Earthquake in Japan.

1. Welcome back to Mira! We are so happy that you are back with us.
We are also pleased to have Sousana and Dawn back full time.

2. Supervision Aide monthly meeting at 10:45 on Monday morning.

3. SSSA monthly meeting on Thursday morning at 8:15.

4. Monthly assembly for April on Thursday morning to be run by Divisions 7 and 8. Our theme will be emergency preparedness. It is likely we will have an earthquake drill this week.

5. Staff Committee meeting this Thursday at lunch. Please give any agenda items to Paul by Tuesday at noon so that we can prepare an agenda.

6. A group of grade 5 students will be involved with planting fruit trees at Ross Park on Thursday afternoon with Paul Czene from Sunset Community Centre.

7. Donna, Dawn and Sheila will be attending the Pro-D Planning session at the VSB on Friday morning.

8. SBT and Resource Teacher meetings this Friday as usual.

Have a great week everyone!

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