Moberly Weekly Message #26

Thank you everyone for your hard work and commitment on our Friday school planning day. We have started some important conversations. Dawn and I heard loud and clear that teachers want to meet together as grade groups so we will be working on make that happen. In addition, I think we decided the following:
Our mission statement needs to be tweaked / simplified possible as part of our May pro-d day.
We need to consider a variety of options for report cards and interviews next year a survey will be coming out soon for your input. Please feel free to add other options / ideas if they are missed.
We still want to focus on oral language and need to establish some particular areas for staff development and student learning.

Thanks also to the social committee for planning such a delicious lunch for everyone!

We have only 30 people registered for our Centennial in spite of the fact that many people have said they plan to attend. Please take the time to encourage any of your contacts to REGISTER. Thanks.


1. Monday is photo day so lets hope for a continuation of the sunshine so we can take some outdoor shots!

2. Patti , Dawn, Kelly and Sheila will attend Health and Safety training on Tuesday morning. Paul will be in charge.

3. Constable McWhirter will attend our Tuesday evening PAC meeting to talk with parents regarding internet safety. We are hoping for a great turn out. Please encourage your students to sign their parents up. The class with the best turn out will win a prize.

4. Wednesday morning is the Superintendents meeting for Patti and Dawn Paul will be in charge.

5. Smartboard Club after school on Wednesday in the library. Please let Patti know if you are planning to attend Hopefully, Gwen will be able to show us her jeopardy program.

6. Financial Planning Seminar in the library (with pizza lunch) on Thursday. Dont forget to sign up if you are interested.

Have a great SHORT week everyone!

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