Moberly Weekly Message #32

Here comes June! Hope you all had a chance to enjoy a few rays of sun this weekend. When I was driving home on Friday, the radio reported that this was the worst May for hours of sunlight since 1960. Let’s hope a change is in the works for June.

Div. 9 is off to camp this week along with a number of staff members. Please note that Sheila’s Resource Centre and the library will be closed Tuesday – Thursday as a result.


1. On Tuesday morning, we will have our “Welcome to Kindergarten” program. We have 64 students registered for K with 4 on a waitlist – best numbers in a long time! They will have a great first experience with us thanks to the organization by Dawn and the K teachers. Thank you.

2. There is a meeting for all Moberly Summer School teachers on Wednesday at noon in the library with Paula Saar. We will have 7 divisions at summer school this year. The teachers are: Brenden, Peggy, Gwen, Sousana, Christine, Cynthia and Marilyn. Cynthia and Marilyn will be the co-head teachers.

3. Our last SSA meeting for this year will be on Thursday at 8:15 in the resource room.

4. Staff Committee meeting on Thursday at lunch please give agenda items to Paul by Tuesday so that we can prepare an agenda for you.

Have a great week everyone.

Moberly Weekly Message # 31

Thanks to those of you who provided input to our school plan. It has been included and the document was submitted for approval last week. Our finalized school calendar will go home this week including the report cards dates which you selected based on the input sheets given last month.

I always consider this last section of the year after the long weekend to be a race. People ask me if things are slowing down as we come to the end of the year and I think it is the opposite! I think of a rocket shooting up in the sky getting faster and faster until it explodes on the last day of school and suddenly its over.

Some sad news for those who didn’t hear last week, Dave Boettcher’s wife, Hazel, passed away on Wednesday morning as a result of a massive stroke suffered during their trip to Tuscany, Italy. I know that many of you are close to Dave and will find ways to offer him comfort and support at this terrible time.

With Summer holidays only six weeks away, surely we will soon have a few consecutive days of warm, dry weather. Here’s hoping.


1. Our third session of Ready, Set, Learn (of three) will take place on Tuesday afternoon in the Strong Start Centre. Manjit and the team from South Van Family Place have done a great job of planning this year’s series. Thanks to Dawn who has been organizing and running parent sessions during the program.

2. Wednesday morning is our Volunteer Tea. Gwen has done an amazing job (as usual) in planning this and I look forward to an enjoyable time spent with our hard working and dedicated volunteers.

3. Health and Safety meeting this Friday in the staffroom at 8:00 a.m.

4. I have altered the class casting form slightly and will present it to staff at our staff meeting next Thursday. Since we do not have a Pro-D day

Weekly Message #30

We have about 100 students confirmed for summer school. We sent about 190 forms home so I am hoping that more will come in on Monday and Tuesday. I will be meeting with Paula Saar to firm up the number of teachers we can hire on Tuesday. Please put the pressure on for kids to bring those forms in.

I put a copy of our Draft School Plan in teachers’ boxes last week. I need to make any changes and get this in by Wednesday. Please put any input you have on the document and put it in my box by the end of the day on Tuesday. Otherwise, we will go ahead as it is.


1. Our second session of Ready, Set, Learn (of three) will take place on Monday afternoon in the Strong Start Centre.

2. Patti and Dawn will be at the Superintendents Meeting on Wednesday morning.

3. Sweet and Savoury Day on Wednesday at recess.

4. Smartboard Club (last one for this year) on Wednesday after school. Please let Patti know if you plan to attend.

Four day weekend coming up!

Moberly Weekly Message #29

Congratulations to everyone on a successful Centennial I think that all of our guests had a wonderful time. I will let you know asap what the final numbers were for attendance and $.

Dawn and I will be attending the yearly staffing meeting at the VSB on Monday morning. We will take a look at the numbers and how they affect us and then call a staff meeting early this week to share with you. If you have not yet submitted your preference sheet for next year now is the time to get it in!


1. Please note that the VIRSA fundraiser Minute to Win it planned for after school on Monday is cancelled.

2. Our evacuation Earthquake Drill will go ahead on Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. Classes should follow the procedures in their hand out from last week (drop, cover, count, evacuate). Once outside, please hand out the name tags from your backpack. The DRPC will be participating with us.

3. We look forward to a Pro-D day on Wednesday with time for reviewing our Mission statement and work in grade groups. Lunch is provided. An agenda will be in your box hopefully Monday!

4. Gwen, Patti and two of our students will be going attending an author talk and book presentation at Douglas Elementary on Thursday afternoon. This event is sponsored each year by the Elementary Principals and Vice Principals Association.

5. Looking forward to next week we have a Smartboard club booked for Wednesday (the 18th) afterschool

Weekly Message #28

Its CENTENNIAL week! Yikes how did it get here so quickly? The numbers are climbing for our registered guests. We are over 70 now and we expect to get at least twice that amount based on other schools’ experiences. (I refuse to think about the school that had 100 registered and 1000 attended!) Needless to say, it will be a very busy week.   Thank you in advance for all of your efforts. You guys are amazing.


1. Supervision Aide meeting Monday between recess and lunch. Supervisions Aides not available for classrooms.

2. We have a student led assembly booked for Tuesday. It will be POSTPONED. Too much else is happening this week.

3. A staff committee meeting will go ahead on Tuesday at lunch. We will update everyone on our Centennial jobs. Also, you will receive important information about our Earthquake Drill on May 10th. The Pro-D committee will report out on our plans for the May 11th Pro-D day.

4. Patti will be at a meeting at the VSB on Wednesday afternoon.

5. SSSA meeting Thursday morning at 8:15. Please come prepared to talk about preliminary plans for your students for next year.

6. The Grade 7s will be visiting John Oliver on Friday.

7. Visitors from Sweden will be coming for a tour of our school on Friday. Please excuse us if we pop our heads into your classrooms.

8. SBT as usual on Friday.

9. On Friday afternoon, Dawn and Patti will have all the kids for a movie afternoon. We may split them into two groups not sure yet. Please consider this a gift of time in recognition of all of your hard work for the Centennial.