Weekly Message #28

Its CENTENNIAL week! Yikes how did it get here so quickly? The numbers are climbing for our registered guests. We are over 70 now and we expect to get at least twice that amount based on other schools’ experiences. (I refuse to think about the school that had 100 registered and 1000 attended!) Needless to say, it will be a very busy week.   Thank you in advance for all of your efforts. You guys are amazing.


1. Supervision Aide meeting Monday between recess and lunch. Supervisions Aides not available for classrooms.

2. We have a student led assembly booked for Tuesday. It will be POSTPONED. Too much else is happening this week.

3. A staff committee meeting will go ahead on Tuesday at lunch. We will update everyone on our Centennial jobs. Also, you will receive important information about our Earthquake Drill on May 10th. The Pro-D committee will report out on our plans for the May 11th Pro-D day.

4. Patti will be at a meeting at the VSB on Wednesday afternoon.

5. SSSA meeting Thursday morning at 8:15. Please come prepared to talk about preliminary plans for your students for next year.

6. The Grade 7s will be visiting John Oliver on Friday.

7. Visitors from Sweden will be coming for a tour of our school on Friday. Please excuse us if we pop our heads into your classrooms.

8. SBT as usual on Friday.

9. On Friday afternoon, Dawn and Patti will have all the kids for a movie afternoon. We may split them into two groups not sure yet. Please consider this a gift of time in recognition of all of your hard work for the Centennial.

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