Moberly Weekly Message # 31

Thanks to those of you who provided input to our school plan. It has been included and the document was submitted for approval last week. Our finalized school calendar will go home this week including the report cards dates which you selected based on the input sheets given last month.

I always consider this last section of the year after the long weekend to be a race. People ask me if things are slowing down as we come to the end of the year and I think it is the opposite! I think of a rocket shooting up in the sky getting faster and faster until it explodes on the last day of school and suddenly its over.

Some sad news for those who didn’t hear last week, Dave Boettcher’s wife, Hazel, passed away on Wednesday morning as a result of a massive stroke suffered during their trip to Tuscany, Italy. I know that many of you are close to Dave and will find ways to offer him comfort and support at this terrible time.

With Summer holidays only six weeks away, surely we will soon have a few consecutive days of warm, dry weather. Here’s hoping.


1. Our third session of Ready, Set, Learn (of three) will take place on Tuesday afternoon in the Strong Start Centre. Manjit and the team from South Van Family Place have done a great job of planning this year’s series. Thanks to Dawn who has been organizing and running parent sessions during the program.

2. Wednesday morning is our Volunteer Tea. Gwen has done an amazing job (as usual) in planning this and I look forward to an enjoyable time spent with our hard working and dedicated volunteers.

3. Health and Safety meeting this Friday in the staffroom at 8:00 a.m.

4. I have altered the class casting form slightly and will present it to staff at our staff meeting next Thursday. Since we do not have a Pro-D day

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