Moberly Weekly Message #35

I hope all of you who have or are fathers enjoyed some time together this weekend.

Thank you for your efforts in putting together teams for Sports Day – I will admit that my idea of having all teachers participate was not a complete success. Thank you Peggy, Leon and anyone else who helped clean up the teams.

Congrats to our Moberly Idol organizers – what a wonderful event. The children were so excited to perform and felt so proud of themselves.  Special thanks to our celebrity judges – J. Lo, Justin Beiber and President Obama.

Class casting continues this week and will be completed on Wednesday.

Thank you to teachers and Sylvia for coping admirably with the changes to PSR marks entry. The timeline for this change was much too short but thanks to your cooperation, I think we will be fine.


1. We will be enjoying lunch courtesy of Sheila on Monday. Those involved with awards will have a short discussion during lunch to make sure all bases have been covered.

2. Our Grad cruise will be on Thursday the weather is expected to be good so hopefully it will be a great day.

3. Sports Day on Friday Rain or shine. Giselle is preparing a rainy day plan for us.

4. Many of us will be together on Saturday night to celebrate Kevin’s retirement

Looking forward to our last week –

We will enjoy a wonderful breakfast together on our last day thanks to the hard work of our Social Ctte. I know that people are busy making plans for that day and I ask that if you are not going to be in the school building that we have a phone # that we can use to contact you “just in case”.


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