Weekly Message #2-1

It just seems like yesterday that I was writing our final message before the summer break. I hope that all of you had a wonderful, restful holiday.
We will be missing our retired colleagues this week -Kevin, Sheila, Ralph and Peter- and hope that they are savouring the freedom of their first September without a return to school! Peter is hoping to pop in to visit his last year’s class this week-  we looking forward to seeing him!

Jennifer has a new full time position – K/1 at Seymour. Melissa has accepted an 80% position at Kitchener. Melissa’s job has been posted and will be filled by a TOC until we hire someone.

We welcome Paul Hughes who will be taking Maggie’s place until her return in January. Paul will be doing two days as Alison’s partner plus resource and computer prep. I know you will all help him along with this challenging assignment!

And finally job action –  please know that Dawn and I both respect your need to support the directions outlined by the VTF regarding your duties this fall. I will continue to send out my weekly message and leave it up to you if you wish to read it. We will be picking up supervision duties and collection of school fees etc. As always, our goal is to support all of you in your work with children. I know that we will find a way to make this work with the guidelines that have been set.


1. Please check your welcome package in your mailboxes particularly non-enrolling teachers as you will have different assignments the first week.

2. We will have a short meeting complete with refreshments at 10:00 Tuesday morning to review the school organization. Please expect one more short organization meeting before the end of the week.


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