Weekly Message #2-5

Interviews for the Gr 1/2 position will take place on Tuesday.

It saddens me to see all the negative press being given to the Hamber pro-d day activities. The fall out for all teachers has been significant and I find myself wanting to write the paper in defense of these important days which were added on to the school year by mutual agreement between teachers and the ministry. Hopefully, you have all experienced positive pro-d activities which enhanced your skill set, renewed your enthusiasm for the difficult job that you do and provided an opportunity to talk about your profession with colleagues.  It’s unfortunate that the public doesn’t get to see how much these days and the knowledge they bring benefit their children.

Dawn and I would like to thank you all for your continuing professionalism and commitment to children during this difficult time. You are amazing!

We didn’t get to our Earthquake drill last week so stay tuned this week!


1. Pledge forms for the Walkathon for Kids with Cancer will go out this week. These forms encourage students to get a lump sum sponsorship (not based on the amount they walk!) and they should be able to collect the money as soon as they have someone signed up. Similar to the Terry Fox run, the Walkathon is symbolic with each student / class making the choice to walk as far as they wish.

2. School Closure Day on Friday!

Have a great FOUR DAY week everyone!

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