Weekly Message #2-7

A beautiful, sunny Sunday and David and I have just returned from a 2 hour walk through Steveston. I hope you have had a chance to enjoy the gift of this weekend’s gorgeous weather. We ran into Brenden and his family and he told me about the great success of our first Walkathon for Kids with Cancer. I am so happy that we have raised a significant amount of money for this very worthy cause! Thank you everyone for your support and efforts to encourage students and collect money.

Hopefully, you have all made plans for this Friday’s Pro-D day. There are dozens of choices for programs – many of them free or at little cost. Please save your receipts and submit requests for funding to Donna. This weekend is the annual administrators’ conference at Whistler, so Dawn and I will be off asap after school on Thursday.


1. Pro-D coming up on Friday October 21st. Please make sure that Donna knows your plans.

2. Harj, Cynthia, Marilyn and Paul R. will be at VESTA training next Monday.

3. Diwali lunch next Wednesday (the 26th)

Well… it’s a five day week but only four with the kids!

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