Weekly Message #2-8

With an administrators’ conference this weekend and a family wedding on Sunday night, I know that I won’t have time to send my weekly message on Sunday as usual. I have some important information to share with you this week so I thought I’d send it along today before we all head off to our professional development activities.


In our school, we have a critical incident team including:

Patti, Dawn, Kelly, Tom, Christine, Kit

The role of the critical incident team is to help all people affected by a critical incident* to return to pre-incident functioning.

*an unstable condition or a sudden change which has the potential to cause individuals to experience unusually strong emotional reactions and which may affect their ability to function. E.g. death of a staff member or student

Members of the critical incident team have information on how to assess and deal with critical incidents.


The VSB has a protocol for dealing with threatening behaviour from students. The first step for staff members is to report any threatening incidents to the principal or vice principal. The situation is then reviewed by the team consisting of: Patti, Dawn, Kit, Kevin Parkinson (SLO)

Information on these two processes is available in the Critical Incidents Binder in the office. The binder also includes information on:

Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Students

Guidelines for Intervening with Potentially Suicidal Students


A reminder to fill out the VSB Record of Verbal Report to MCFD for every child abuse report to the Ministry and to provide the form to Patti when completed for confidential filing.


If you are aware of a situation related to student safety, please contact the office immediately. If appropriate, office staff will send a safety alert to the district office for distribution to neighbouring schools.


1.     Harjinder, Cynthia, Paul R. & Marilyn at VESTA training on Monday

2.     Diwali lunch on Wednesday. Peter will be here so we can wish him well in his retirement.

3.    Memorial service for Kitty on Saturday, October 29th from 2-4. Thanks to those who are able to come at 1:00 to help set up.

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