Weekly Message #2-13

I hope that everyone had a productive and inspirational pro-d experience on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed our blogging workshop with Dustin Keller. We all had a variety of levels of skill/ experience with blogging and Dustin was able to help all of us. Gwen did an amazing job of organizing this workshop for us and also provided the snacks! Thank you Gwen!

The template for our new Moberly Website is now complete and Kelly and I will be working on filling in some of the bits this week. All of the blogs developed on Friday have been linked to the new website so I will be checking with individuals to see if they are ready to have their work unveiled before we go “live” in the near future.


1. Patti & Dawn will be attending an afterschool session with George Abbott – Deputy Minister of Education. He will be sharing with administrators the Ministry’s plan for education and schools for the future. We’ll let you know how it goes!

2. I believe there is a pub afternoon planned for staff this Wednesday after school at the Chaise Lounge (27th & Main)

3. SSSA meeting this Friday at 8:15 in Rm 205.

4. Mark your calendars for some fun social events during the final week of school before Winter break. Secret Santa on Wednesday Dec. 14 and a luncheon courtesy of the top floor on Thursday Dec 15. Patti & Dawn will be planning a staff luncheon for the end of January.

Have a great week everyone.

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