Weekly Message #2-15

The final school week for 2011 has finally arrived. At times, it seems to have been a long time coming and at others, I feel the time has flown by. As usual, this week will be a time of celebration and fun. Best wishes for a wonderful week and an even better holiday. You have all earned it!

There will be some staff changes in January.
• Cybil will be taking off fairly quickly for her maternity leave. Her position is posted and will hopefully be filled this week before the holidays.
• Maggie Lancaster (Carty) will be returning Thursdays and Fridays to work with Alison in Div. 3. The Monday to Wednesday portion of the job (Resource and computers) has been posted and will also be filled this coming week.
• Paul Hughes will be moving from his current job to take over for Sue in Grade 4 until June.
• Aliana Boden has accepted the teacher librarian position – covering for Gwen until the end of the year.
• We have one more SSA position to fill (currently held by Ed). Hopefully we will hear about that this week as well.


1. Christmas wares and regifting center afterschool on Monday from 3:00 – 4:30. Come to shop, sell or give away.

2. Patti and Dawn will be at a Community Link meeting on Tuesday morning. Supervision has been covered. Paul is in charge in case of an emergency.

3. Mystery Santa on Wednesday at lunch. Thanks to Diane for organizing this fun event for us.

4. 3rd floor staff are providing appies to go with lunch on Thursday. Come and join in the fun.

5. Christmas Concert on Friday – time is still being worked on. Stay tuned for an update. We have a long list of performers (Yeah!) and want to make sure we are not too rushed.

6. Happy Hanukkah – it’s latke time on Friday at lunch. Help yourselves to some latkes with apple sauce or sour cream courtesy of Mr. Plottel

With all the food offered this week, we should be in good shape to roll out the door for our holidays on Friday afternoon!


Weekly Message #2-14

The road to our new website has been bumpy – not ready to run yet. If you are ready to launch your new blog, please feel free to give students the direct web address for access until the overall website is up and running.

Thank you to those who are working together for our Winter Concert next Friday (the 16th). It is such a pleasure to end the year with the beautiful voices of our students. I will be inviting students to sing Christmas carols in the gym next week from 8:30 – 9:00. Feel free to drop in and join the fun.

Dawn and I were pleased to meet with a keen and motivated group of students for this year’s Student Council. Their first project is the Food Bank Drive running from Dec. 5 – 14. Stay tuned for details as the Student Council members visit classrooms daily during that time period.


1. Patti’s “new vp” induction group will be in the library from 4 – 5:30 afterschool this Monday.

2. Student Council meeting on Thursday at lunch in Room 021

Ten school days and counting!