Weekly Message #2-17

Well, we made it through the first week and the good news is that the “darkest” month of the year (December 7 – January 5) is over.  The days are beginning to grow longer – Hurray.  The weatherman tells us that winter still has plans for us, so we’ll see.

You may have noticed the nine new computers for the library mini lab have arrived.  Aris will be hooking them up this week.  Not sure how we will pay for them yet – I am still hoping to have a Spellathon once job action is done.  We’ll wait and see on that as well.  In the meantime, neccessity ruled that we needed to move ahead.

Dawn has started preparations for the FSA.  The job action mandate indicates that teachers will not be participating in the FSA administration this year.  Nonetheless, Dawn and I are required to make sure it is done.  Once materials are organized, we will let you know the dates for the test and how we will organize students to participate.

Please join me in welcoming Heidi Newcombe this week who will be filling in for Cybil during her mat leave.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting at 10:45 on Monday – no bookings for classroom coverage please.
  2. Student Council Meeting this Thursday at noon.  Please take note of the dates for some upcoming Student Council initiatives.  Pyjama & Stuffy Day this month and a school wide Pancake Breakfast in February.  More details will come to you via the Student Council members.

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