Weekly Message #2-18

Like me, the biggest question on your minds right now might be – “Will there be snow?”  The weather report maintains that there is a good possibility.  Here are a few important reminders should this happen:

  • School will likely be open but closures will be announced on the local radio stations.  If school is closed, you should not come to work
  • If it is open, you are expected to be here.  Of course, you will make the best decision for your safety.  Administration will be out on the playground for break time so unfortunately, we will not be as available for you.  Feel free to email us or leave us a note if you are finding it difficult to touch base.
  • Please help us out by reminding students to dress appropriately for the weather and by telling them that throwing snow is not allowed at any time for any reason.

Rob Nijjar is a parent at our school who has signed up to be co-chair of our PAC this year.  Rob has extensive experience working with school PACs and we are excited to have his time and input.  Rob and I will be meeting with a playground rep on Monday morning to seek information and costing for the final piece of equipment for the primary playground.  Since we will be getting our $28,000 back from the provincial government, we are hoping to move ahead fairly quickly with our final phase.


  1. There will be a PAC meeting in the library on Tuesday morning from 9:00 – 10:00.
  2. Patti & Dawn will be at the Superintendent’s meeting on Wednesday morning.  Paul will be in charge while we are gone.
  3. Student Council meeting this Thursday.  Once PJ day is done, students will be sharing information to encourage students to wear red and white to school on January 26th to support Women’s soccer and Canada’s efforts to qualify for the next winter Olympics.  We will have a school assembly that day (led by Div. 3) and it would be great to see lots of red and white in the audience!
  4. Pj and Stuffy day this Friday.  Hopefully some staff members will participate in this fun, team building day.
  5. We are all looking forward to a delicious Chinese food lunch next Monday.  Thanks in ad vance to the organizers!

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