Weekly Message #2-19

It always amazes me how little snow it takes to provide so many hours of fun for our students.  Last week was the best of both worlds – enough snow to slide down the hill but not enough to make driving to work a nightmare!  (I would be quite happy if that was it for snow this year but I doubt we’ll be that lucky.)

One of the things I enjoy about our school is viewing the displays of student work that teachers put up on our bulletin boards.  I think that the parents enjoy seeing their child’s work on display and the positive feeling that we have in our hallways is enhanced by the presence of children’s art and other work.  Thanks to all of you who are contributing to making our school such a positive place by sharing work from your classrooms.

Thanks also to the main floor staff members for organizing our Chinese New Year luncheon on Monday. I am sure it will be delicious and a great chance for all of us to get together and say farewell to Dawn.


  1. Chinese New Year lunch on Monday – all staff are welcome!
  2. Monthly Assembly on Thursday at 1:00 – sponsored by Div. 3.  Our theme will be “Women in Sports”.  The Student Council is asking everyone to wear red and white that day.

Have a great week everyone – school year’s almost half over

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