Weekly Message #2-24

David and I would like to thank all of you for your warm wishes of support.  Thanks especially to those of you who were part of the dinner brigade on Thursday evening.  We all enjoyed a delicious meal thanks to you.  The Jewish people have a wonderful expression when someone  passes on.  They say: “May her memory be for a blessing”  We received mountains of baking from friends and relatives which we will be sharing with staff at recess and lunch on Monday.

I hear that Paul has done a great job of helping to keep the school running smoothly in my absence.  Thanks Paul.

This week promises to be a difficult one – as “the powers that be” fight it out in the press.  We don’t know what we will be facing in regard to job action or legislation, but what we do know is that Moberly is a school with a strong community of care for each other.  We will survive what comes this week and I know that all of us will do our best to respect and support each other.

Paul and I will be attending a board meeting this Wednesday morning where we will likely receive lay off letters for some staff.  The VSB is forecasting another budget deficit year and therefore they are providing “possible” lay off letters as required by the timeline established in the VSB/VTF contract.  We have been given no information on what the time “cut off” for layoffs will be, but we have been told that there will be a revised budget projection coming which may reduce the number of layoffs necessary.


  1. Tuesday we will go ahead with our postponed Pancake Breakfast.  (I believe)  Stay tuned for details.
  2. Wednesday is Anti Bullying Day.  All staff and students are encouraged to wear pink.  We will have an assembly in the afternoon – led by Div. 4
  3. Student Council meeting this Thursday at lunch.

Two weeks until Spring Break!


Weekly Message # 2-23

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Sadly, our family had a difficult one as David’s mother passed away suddenly early Saturday morning.  She had been suffering from a cold but otherwise was doing well.  The paramedics told us that she went very quickly.  We received a 3:15 a.m. call for help from her and by the time we arrived at her apartment at 3:50 a.m. she was gone -despite the best efforts of the paramedic team.  As per the Jewish faith, this week will be filled with services in her memory.

I will not be at work until at least Thursday and perhaps longer.  The funeral service for those who might like to come will be on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will let the office know.  In addition, we will sit “shiva” at our home for a number of days (to be determined).  David’s mother was a devout Jew and we will do our best to honour that.

I plan to be at school on Tuesday morning (until 9) to make sure that the pancake breakfast proceeds smoothly.  Thanks in advance for your understanding as Paul will be working hard to keep the school running in my absence.

Hoping your week goes smoothly.  Patti

Weekly Message #2-22

Please join me in welcoming Kevin Dwyer who will be with us until June in Paul’s class.  Also, we will have a temporary extra clerical person starting today until the position is filled through the posting process.

The school grounds are getting very untidy again (I refuse to give up hope) so I will be challenging students to do an extra fine job of cleaning up on Monday.  Their reward will be an extended recess on Valentine’s Day!  (Our reward, too).  I understand that our Social Committee has planned some treats for recess on Tuesday so an extended recess would come in handy.

The FSA will be finished this Tuesday.  As directed by the superintendent, Steve Cardwell, we will not be asking students to complete the Satisfaction Surveys this year.

Student Council will be taking pancake orders all week in the front hall at 8:30 and 12:30 each day.


  1. Workshop for vice principals in the library after school on Monday.
  2. Patti will be at the Superintendent’s meeting on Wednesday morning.
  3. Energy Champions presentation for all students at 1:30 p.m on Wednesday afternoon in the old gym.  Gymsense classes will miss this to attend their sessions.
  4. Pro D day on Friday.  Please make sure that you have submitted your plan for the day to Donna Harper.   Requests for reimbursement should also be given on the appropriate forms to Donna for the Pro D committee’s approval.

Weekly Message #2-21

February is Heart Awareness Month - Do something good for your heart.

Every weekend should be four days – don’t you agree?  The winter sunshine was beautiful and I loved  having the chance to get out and walk the dogs along the dyke.  On that note, you may be interested to know that the trustees are working on a plan for 2012/13 which would include a 2 week Spring Break and 3  five day weekends.  It’s still in the planning phase so we’ll have to see what happens.  It sounds pretty good to me.

The FSA is rolling along (UGH) and I wanted to say thank you to all the people who have been inconvenienced by our use of the computer lab and lunchroom.  We should be done in a couple of weeks and things will return to normal.  Again, I will encourage you to email us if you can’t catch us “live”.  Between collecting/ counting Gymsense money and FSA, there is little time left for the stuff that really matters – like kids and talking with teachers and staff.

Our Pro D day is rapidly approaching (Feb 17th).  There are a number of district programs being offered that day including a workshop on ESL teaching at the DRPC.  It might be a good day to get together with your grade group and talk about joint learning objectives.

I am working on a plan to support some of our “tech” needs.  Jacob Martens is a district staff person who is very skilled in using WordPress.  He has agreed to spend some time working with staff to assist them with their blogs.  I am thinking of a full day with help for “newbies” part of the time and experienced folks the rest of the time.

Also, it may be time to call in Laurie Cassie for a day to do some more training with staff on the Smartboards.  Stay tuned for more info on these opportunities.


  1. The funeral service for Harjinder Sandhu’s father will be on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. – more details to come.
  2. Student Council will meet on Thursday at lunch to continue plans for our Pancake Breakfast on Tues. Feb 21st.  We welcome your attendance and help if you are interested in cooking, serving or eating pancakes that morning between 7:30 and 9.