Weekly Message # 2-23

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Sadly, our family had a difficult one as David’s mother passed away suddenly early Saturday morning.  She had been suffering from a cold but otherwise was doing well.  The paramedics told us that she went very quickly.  We received a 3:15 a.m. call for help from her and by the time we arrived at her apartment at 3:50 a.m. she was gone -despite the best efforts of the paramedic team.  As per the Jewish faith, this week will be filled with services in her memory.

I will not be at work until at least Thursday and perhaps longer.  The funeral service for those who might like to come will be on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  We will let the office know.  In addition, we will sit “shiva” at our home for a number of days (to be determined).  David’s mother was a devout Jew and we will do our best to honour that.

I plan to be at school on Tuesday morning (until 9) to make sure that the pancake breakfast proceeds smoothly.  Thanks in advance for your understanding as Paul will be working hard to keep the school running in my absence.

Hoping your week goes smoothly.  Patti

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