Weekly Message #2-24

David and I would like to thank all of you for your warm wishes of support.  Thanks especially to those of you who were part of the dinner brigade on Thursday evening.  We all enjoyed a delicious meal thanks to you.  The Jewish people have a wonderful expression when someone  passes on.  They say: “May her memory be for a blessing”  We received mountains of baking from friends and relatives which we will be sharing with staff at recess and lunch on Monday.

I hear that Paul has done a great job of helping to keep the school running smoothly in my absence.  Thanks Paul.

This week promises to be a difficult one – as “the powers that be” fight it out in the press.  We don’t know what we will be facing in regard to job action or legislation, but what we do know is that Moberly is a school with a strong community of care for each other.  We will survive what comes this week and I know that all of us will do our best to respect and support each other.

Paul and I will be attending a board meeting this Wednesday morning where we will likely receive lay off letters for some staff.  The VSB is forecasting another budget deficit year and therefore they are providing “possible” lay off letters as required by the timeline established in the VSB/VTF contract.  We have been given no information on what the time “cut off” for layoffs will be, but we have been told that there will be a revised budget projection coming which may reduce the number of layoffs necessary.


  1. Tuesday we will go ahead with our postponed Pancake Breakfast.  (I believe)  Stay tuned for details.
  2. Wednesday is Anti Bullying Day.  All staff and students are encouraged to wear pink.  We will have an assembly in the afternoon – led by Div. 4
  3. Student Council meeting this Thursday at lunch.

Two weeks until Spring Break!

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