Weekly Message #2-31

How could it possibly be May this week?  The year has flown by – in spite of all its trials and tribulations.  We know that the next two months will be intensely busy and hopefully warmer and drier!

This is staffing allocation week.  On Friday, Paul and I will attend the annual staffing meeting.  I expect that we will hear about the actual number of teacher layoffs as well as receiving our Moberly staffing allotment for next year.  I will call a staff meeting early next week to discuss how our staffing will play out.

With Gwen on leave, we are missing a key player as we plan to recognize our volunteers this year.  Please be prepared to let us know if you had volunteers in your class this year so that we can decide how best to thank them for their contributions.


  1. Paul will be absent on Monday morning to take incident training
  2. Moberly Idol auditions all day Tuesday – a schedule will go up in the front hall on Monday morning by recess
  3. The library will be closed for a Community Schools Team meeting on Wednesday morning – 7:30 – 9:00.
  4. Big one at 2:00 on Thursday.  We will evacuate, open the earthquake bin and set up the command post.  Teachers should hand out name tags.
  5. Staffing entitlement meeting at the VSB on Friday morning at 9:00 a.m.

Weekly Message #2-30

A beautiful, warm weekend – hope you all had a chance to relax for part of it as we head into another “interesting” week.  The topic on everyone’s minds – report cards.  The Labour Relations Board came down with their ruling on Friday that all teachers must prepare Term 2 reports by Friday, April 27th and that the reports need to go home on Monday, April 30th.  Yikes!  I expect that we will receive a Vancouver specific response to this mandate early Monday morning.  It is possible that a checklist or template will be passed on to hopefully make the task easier.  We shall see.

Thanks to everyone for a productive day on Friday as we worked through some big topics in a short amount of time.  Special thanks to Dan who agreed to head up our Sports Day organization committee.  More information on emergency preparedness will be coming your way this week.  Also, it was a pleasure to meet Bernadette Mung who will be joining our staff in September.  Bernadette is a trained Search and Rescue team member and will be joining Judy and Brenden on our school team.


  1. Please join in welcoming back Diane Gill who will return to her job as a Supervision Aide starting on Monday.
  2. This is Secretary’s week.  Paul and Patti will be taking Mel and Kelly out for lunch on Tuesday afternoon.  Shivali from the DRPC will be covering the office.
  3. Our regular monthly assembly will be on Wednesday at 1:00 and will be led by Div. 5
  4. There will be a Health & Safety meeting on Friday morning at 8:00 am.

Don’t forget to breathe this week.  Somehow, we will get through this.

Weekly Message #2-29

I know that many of you are wondering what next year’s organization will look like.  I hope to have a draft organization out to you by early next week.  This week there are two events which should bring more clarity to the process.  On Wednesday, Paul and I will attend the area meeting and projections/staffing will be a key topic.  Also, our final projections which will determine staffing are due this Friday.  (Thanks to Jane for being in charge on Wednesday morning.)  To assist us with this process, please make sure that you have handed in any “Are you returning?” forms and your orange teaching preference forms for next year.

I hope you all received an agenda for Friday’s school planning day.  Your agenda lists three topics to discuss – a renewal of our school plan for 2012/13, an emergency preparedness update and a Sports Day meeting.  In addition, we will take a look at next year’s calendar.  Please bring your ideas along for some lively discussion.  We will hopefully finish around noon.  You are on your own for lunch and should make a plan for personal pro-d in the afternoon.  It might be a good chance for grade groups to get together and talk about how they will handle report cards.

On that topic, the expectation from the VSB is that intermediate teachers will assign a third term mark and then a final mark which represents the whole year.  For primary teachers, you will comment on final term progress but will record a cumulative comment for the whole year (as usual in the PSR section).  Please let me or Paul know if you have any questions.  Due dates for reports have been entered in the master calendar.


  1. It’s class photo day on Monday – don’t forget to wear your best “camera ready” outfits.  Hopefully the sun will stay around and we can do our panorama also.
  2. A new SSSA practicum student will be joining us on Monday to spend 3 weeks in Beth’s classroom.
  3. With apologies for the disruption, reps from both Community Link and the YMCA will be visiting your classes on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons to talk about spring programs.
  4. Mark your calendar for next week – Assembly at 1:00 on Tuesday and “Office Admin Professionals’ (secretaries’) Day on Wednesday the 25th

Weekly Message #2-28

This weekend it feels like spring has actually arrived.  I just love four day weekends – time to get the garden cleared out and have the family for Easter dinner with time left over for other things.  The three of us went to see Mirror, Mirror on Friday night.  Julia Roberts makes an excellent evil queen in this modern take on Snow White.  Was it fluff?  Yes – but worth seeing for a few good laughs.

It’s budget week at the VSB.  The board’s preliminary budget will come out on Tuesday morning.   Paul and I will both attend the budget meeting until 10 a.m.,  so Jane will step in as Senior Teacher in our absence.  We will have a staff meeting at recess so that we can give you the updated information. I imagine that staff and the public will have a chance to give input on the budget at public meetings as usual.


  1. Budget information meeting at recess Tuesday.

Have a great four day week everyone.

Weekly Message #2-27

Has it only been a week that we’ve been back?  It was so great to get up this morning and see the sun shining.  It helped me deal with the frustration of trying to complete our final tile project – the one with the names of our Centennial sponsors.  I was all set to transfer the decals on to the tile when I discovered that I had been sold the wrong product.  Now I will have to wait until I can get access to a colour laser printer to complete the project.  ARGHH!

On a more positive note:

Thanks for supporting Twin Day – the number of students who participated was far greater than we anticipated.  Sorry for the confusion in the gym as we took pictures of our contestants.  Student Council will judge at lunch on Monday and prizes will be awarded before the end of the day.

Moberly Idol is booked!  We will go ahead with our annual talent show on Thursday May 17th (right before the long weekend),  Student Council will sponsor.  Stay tuned for details on auditions and practices.  Thanks in advance for your flexibility on this.

There will be a Multicultural Fair on Wed. June 27th sponsored by the South Van Neighbourhood House and held in our old gym.  All students will be encouraged to wear cultural dress that day and will be invited to attend a number of events.  Please mark it in your calendar.

Paul has booked a whole school performance before the end of the year. In addition,  I have booked a program (using performance funds) that I think you will all enjoy.  Dates have not yet been confirmed but I will let you know as soon as they are.  We have invited ZUMBA dance group to come and do two sessions with each class.  Zumba is a Latin dance-inspired fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez in Colombia during the 1990s.  These energetic and fun classes combine dance and fitness,  There will be no cost to students as we will fund it out of our performance money.  Cost is approx $4.00 per student for the two sessions (Total = $2000) If you want to see an example of ZUMBA, just google it and there are lots of videos available.


  1. The library will be used for the VP Induction program after school today.  No library time for students.

Have a great four day week everyone!