Weekly Message #2-29

I know that many of you are wondering what next year’s organization will look like.  I hope to have a draft organization out to you by early next week.  This week there are two events which should bring more clarity to the process.  On Wednesday, Paul and I will attend the area meeting and projections/staffing will be a key topic.  Also, our final projections which will determine staffing are due this Friday.  (Thanks to Jane for being in charge on Wednesday morning.)  To assist us with this process, please make sure that you have handed in any “Are you returning?” forms and your orange teaching preference forms for next year.

I hope you all received an agenda for Friday’s school planning day.  Your agenda lists three topics to discuss – a renewal of our school plan for 2012/13, an emergency preparedness update and a Sports Day meeting.  In addition, we will take a look at next year’s calendar.  Please bring your ideas along for some lively discussion.  We will hopefully finish around noon.  You are on your own for lunch and should make a plan for personal pro-d in the afternoon.  It might be a good chance for grade groups to get together and talk about how they will handle report cards.

On that topic, the expectation from the VSB is that intermediate teachers will assign a third term mark and then a final mark which represents the whole year.  For primary teachers, you will comment on final term progress but will record a cumulative comment for the whole year (as usual in the PSR section).  Please let me or Paul know if you have any questions.  Due dates for reports have been entered in the master calendar.


  1. It’s class photo day on Monday – don’t forget to wear your best “camera ready” outfits.  Hopefully the sun will stay around and we can do our panorama also.
  2. A new SSSA practicum student will be joining us on Monday to spend 3 weeks in Beth’s classroom.
  3. With apologies for the disruption, reps from both Community Link and the YMCA will be visiting your classes on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons to talk about spring programs.
  4. Mark your calendar for next week – Assembly at 1:00 on Tuesday and “Office Admin Professionals’ (secretaries’) Day on Wednesday the 25th

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