Weekly Message #2-30

A beautiful, warm weekend – hope you all had a chance to relax for part of it as we head into another “interesting” week.  The topic on everyone’s minds – report cards.  The Labour Relations Board came down with their ruling on Friday that all teachers must prepare Term 2 reports by Friday, April 27th and that the reports need to go home on Monday, April 30th.  Yikes!  I expect that we will receive a Vancouver specific response to this mandate early Monday morning.  It is possible that a checklist or template will be passed on to hopefully make the task easier.  We shall see.

Thanks to everyone for a productive day on Friday as we worked through some big topics in a short amount of time.  Special thanks to Dan who agreed to head up our Sports Day organization committee.  More information on emergency preparedness will be coming your way this week.  Also, it was a pleasure to meet Bernadette Mung who will be joining our staff in September.  Bernadette is a trained Search and Rescue team member and will be joining Judy and Brenden on our school team.


  1. Please join in welcoming back Diane Gill who will return to her job as a Supervision Aide starting on Monday.
  2. This is Secretary’s week.  Paul and Patti will be taking Mel and Kelly out for lunch on Tuesday afternoon.  Shivali from the DRPC will be covering the office.
  3. Our regular monthly assembly will be on Wednesday at 1:00 and will be led by Div. 5
  4. There will be a Health & Safety meeting on Friday morning at 8:00 am.

Don’t forget to breathe this week.  Somehow, we will get through this.


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