Weekly Message #2-35

What a glorious weekend!  Can you believe it will be June this week?  The next 5 weeks will be jam packed with fun and work so hold on tight and don’t forget to give yourselves a break from time to time.

We have 10 volunteers to recognize this year, so I will be sending them all a personal thank you card and a small token to thank them for their work at our schools.  Please feel free to thank anyone who has volunteered in your own way.

We have just over 90 students registered for Summer School.  The deadline for submitting forms was May 17th.  Please beat the bushes one more time to see if we can drum up a few more customers.


  1. Patti would like to meet with the Grade 7 teachers in her office at recess on Monday to share plans for Grad
  2. We will have a Harmonica concert on Monday afternoon for K-7 in the new gym at 1:30.  Please wait to be called down.
  3. Welcome to Kindergarten will be happening on Tuesday morning in the new gym from 10:15 – 12:15
  4. Meeting for Summer School teachers at lunch time on Wednesday in the library.
  5. Monthly Assembly on Thursday at 9:00 let by Div. 6
  6. SPORTS DAY Friday!  Let’s hope for sun or cloud.  NO RAIN PLEASE!

Have a great week everyone.


Weekly Message #2-34

When I get sick, I do a good job of it.  I have wasted my entire 4 day weekend inside and I am still not feeling great!  Hope to be back soon but it won’t be Tuesday.  Enough about miserable me!

I received an email from ZUMBA at 1:19 a.m. today to say that their instructor is ill and they have to cancel/postpone.  Paul will check the calendar tomorrow but It may be too difficult to rebook for this year.  Perhaps we can start off the new year with our ZUMBA program.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make Thursday’s Moberly Idol a big success.  I hear the program ran long  (sorry about that) but that the kids did a super job and so did our judges!  I hope to see some pictures.

Lots of work still to do before year end including planning for our volunteer recognition event, Sports Day, report cards and Grade 7 grad.  Together, we will make it work.

Hoping that your long weekend was spectacular because you all deserved it.


  1. Sports Day Info meeting at recess on Tuesday in the staffroom.  Thanks to Dan and his committee.
  2. Last session of Ready Set Learn on Tuesday afternoon.  The community nurse will be meeting with students.
  3. SBT with the SLP this Wednesday in Paul’s room at 11:00.
  4. Health & Safety meeting this Friday at 8:00 a.m.

Weekly Message #2-33

What a glorious weekend!  I hope you all found time to soak up some Vitamin D and that the mothers in our midst were spoiled by their families.

It’s the week of Moberly Idol and I hope it will go off smoothly.  I’m not sure we can live up to the work done by teachers in the past but the kids will be excited to perform.  I am still looking for one more Moberly Idol judge.  Let me know if you are interested.  Thanks to Judy and Dan who have agreed so far.  Thanks also for releasing Student Council and contestants for the dress rehearsal on Tuesday.

Our staffing plan will be submitted first thing Monday morning.  Thank you for your input into the process.  At your suggestion, the resource posting has been revised to be 100% resource with the prep portion going to our new vp.


  1. The VSB photographer will be on site on Monday to take pictures to add to our Moberly website.
  2. Last PAC meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday morning at 9:00 in the library.  The library will be closed for students from 9:00 – 10:00.
  3. MI Dress Rehearsal from 10:45 – 12:15 in the new gym.  Leon will take his classes in another location.
  4. The second session of Ready, Set, Learn will take place on Tuesday afternoon.  Parents will be in the library for approximately 30 minutes (around 1:30 – 2:00)
  5. Paul & Patti will be at the Area meeting on Wednesday morning.  Jane will be in charge.
  6. Moberly Idol at 9:00 – 10:30 on Thursday morning.
  7. School Closure Day this Friday – It’s a 4 day week!

Weekly Message #2-32

Another busy week begins.  Our staffing numbers were handed out on Friday and I will be preparing a couple of scenarios for your perusal.  I understand that our VESTA members will be meeting to review the numbers and consider some options as well.  Given our declining enrolment and new class size numbers, we will be going down by 2 divisions next year.  I will need time to speak with a couple of people who could be vulnerable to surplussing before we meet together as a staff.  Therefore, please expect to attend a staffing meeting at lunch on Tuesday.  We’ll put our heads together and come up with the best possibility that we can!

Please get your lists of Summer School referrals to me asap.  Please note that not all special needs students are well suited to this 3 week intensive remedial program,  If they would benefit and can work along with the class, that’s great.  If they have an entirely modified program, it may not be a good fit.  Please consult with your resource teacher if you’re not sure.


  1. Patti will be away Monday morning at a workshop.
  2. Our first (of three) Ready, Set, Learn sessions will be on Tuesday afternoon. The lunchroom will not be available at that time.
  3. Please be sure to hand in your personal Pro-D plans to Donna for this week’s Pro-D day on Wednesday.