Weekly Message #2-32

Another busy week begins.  Our staffing numbers were handed out on Friday and I will be preparing a couple of scenarios for your perusal.  I understand that our VESTA members will be meeting to review the numbers and consider some options as well.  Given our declining enrolment and new class size numbers, we will be going down by 2 divisions next year.  I will need time to speak with a couple of people who could be vulnerable to surplussing before we meet together as a staff.  Therefore, please expect to attend a staffing meeting at lunch on Tuesday.  We’ll put our heads together and come up with the best possibility that we can!

Please get your lists of Summer School referrals to me asap.  Please note that not all special needs students are well suited to this 3 week intensive remedial program,  If they would benefit and can work along with the class, that’s great.  If they have an entirely modified program, it may not be a good fit.  Please consult with your resource teacher if you’re not sure.


  1. Patti will be away Monday morning at a workshop.
  2. Our first (of three) Ready, Set, Learn sessions will be on Tuesday afternoon. The lunchroom will not be available at that time.
  3. Please be sure to hand in your personal Pro-D plans to Donna for this week’s Pro-D day on Wednesday.



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