Weekly Message #2-35

What a glorious weekend!  Can you believe it will be June this week?  The next 5 weeks will be jam packed with fun and work so hold on tight and don’t forget to give yourselves a break from time to time.

We have 10 volunteers to recognize this year, so I will be sending them all a personal thank you card and a small token to thank them for their work at our schools.  Please feel free to thank anyone who has volunteered in your own way.

We have just over 90 students registered for Summer School.  The deadline for submitting forms was May 17th.  Please beat the bushes one more time to see if we can drum up a few more customers.


  1. Patti would like to meet with the Grade 7 teachers in her office at recess on Monday to share plans for Grad
  2. We will have a Harmonica concert on Monday afternoon for K-7 in the new gym at 1:30.  Please wait to be called down.
  3. Welcome to Kindergarten will be happening on Tuesday morning in the new gym from 10:15 – 12:15
  4. Meeting for Summer School teachers at lunch time on Wednesday in the library.
  5. Monthly Assembly on Thursday at 9:00 let by Div. 6
  6. SPORTS DAY Friday!  Let’s hope for sun or cloud.  NO RAIN PLEASE!

Have a great week everyone.

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