Weekly Message #2-37

All the best to Dianne!

Thank you to everyone for all your enthusiasm and efforts on Sports Day.  I think that the students had a ton of fun and that’s really what it is all about.  Thanks, also, to Dan and his committee for organizing the framework for our day.

A card will go out this week to each of the volunteers that you identified and will include a Starbucks card as a small token for their support of our school.

We should know on Monday who the successful candidates are for our two job postings.  Their names will be posted in the daily bulletin.  Thanks to Peggy for assisting with our interviews.

This is a big week for Dianne as we will gather on Tuesday to celebrate her retirement.  It is hard to imagine Moberly School without Dianne’s positive presence.

Pinks and blues will be in your boxes on Monday – sorry for the short timeline.  The pink and blue paper did not arrive on time as promised.

Finally, we are coming down to the wire and there is so much pressure on all of us to get things done and deal with all of the last minute details involved with the end of the school year.  This has been such a difficult year with the uncertainty of job action.  Moberly has always been a school with a strong positive culture and a staff that cares for one another.  Let’s take some time this month to be thankful for each other, to mend broken fences, to offer a kind word or a helping hand.  Only three weeks left and we will say farewell to another group of students.  Tie a knot in that rope and hang on!


  1. Supervision Aide meeting on Monday from 10:45 – 11:15
  2. EI Meeting at lunch on Monday in the library
  3. Dianne’s retirement lunch on Tuesday at lunch.
  4. Class casting will start on Thursday and Friday this week.  Supervision Aides have been signed up to cover your classes.
  5. Social Ctte meeting on Friday at lunch.

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