Weekly Message #2-39

Wow! Last message of the year.  I can’t believe it.  This will be a very busy week with many events and field trips.  Thanks to Judy, Jane and everyone else who did such a great job of organizing the party for Leon on Friday.  It was a great turn out of former and present staff.  The food was plentiful and terrific.  The picture of Leon with the belly dancer tells it all.

We were blessed this weekend with plentiful volunteers to build our new playground and enough of a break from the rain to get the work done.  Our PAC chair Rob Nijjar did an amazing job of organizing the volunteers.  We are very thankful to the Chinese Evangelical Church group and the Air Cadets (who brought over 45 volunteers!)  This was truly a community teamwork success!  The kids should be able to use the new playground on Tuesday (after Monday’s VSB inspection).

Jag, Rob & Amar

Let’s all  enjoy this last week together!  It will be busy and full and hopefully FUN! (a little sun wouldn’t hurt either)


  1. Patti at a meeting at the VSB on Monday morning until about 10:30.
  2. Class casting for Gr. 4-5 on Monday.  This is our last class.  I will ask Mel to print class lists for you.  Please remember that changes can happen over the summer so no class list is set in stone.  Having said that, no changes should occur without your knowledge.
  3. Grade 7 grad on Tuesday.  K-6 students will be eating on the floor in the old gym or outside on Tuesday.  The lunchroom and the gym will be in use all day as we decorate and set up for grad.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We look forward to seeing staff at the lunch from 12:15 – 1:00 in the lunchroom.
  4. The South Van Community Fair is on Wednesday.  Cross your fingers for good weather.  Please participate as much or as little as you would like.  You won’t want to miss Div. 8’s dance performance if you haven’t seen it yet!  Please do your best to remind students that they can not go to the Ross Park events unless they are with a staff member or parent.
  5. Joan Storlund (our new vp) will be visiting us on Wednesday.  Please pop in to the staffroom at recess for treats and an introduction,
  6. Awards Assembly on Thursday.  Programs should be in your box on Monday.  Everyone is welcome to come but there will be a natural break when the younger students can join in later in the agenda.
  7. Report Cards go home on Thursday ONLY.  Please do not hand out reports early.  If families are leaving school early, we will mail their report to them.
  8. Staff breakfast on Friday.  Thanks to the social committee for organizing this wonderful meal in a beautiful venue.

And then we’re done.  The school will be open all summer from 7:00 – 2;30 if you want to come in.  Summer School will start for our five teachers on Monday, July 9th. Patti will be in the office until July 6th.  I will be away at the cabin from July 15 – Aug 13 (no internet!)  I can be reached at 250-459-2077 in case of emergency.


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