Weekly Message #3-1

Summer Bliss

Hello wonderful Moberly staff!  I hope this message finds you relaxed and enjoying the last few days of summer vacation.  It seems like yesterday that we enjoyed that beautiful breakfast at the golf course.  David and I had a wonderful vacation with a few days in Las Vegas (46 degrees!) and 4 weeks of fun (and work) at the cabin.  I am looking forward to a year where we can resume regular conversations about our work with children.  I have a couple of updates for you.

Sadly, our new vice principal, Joan Storlund, is not well and will be unable to return to work for 2-3 months.  We wish her all the best and hope that she will soon be with us at Moberly.  We are looking forward to seeing her back in good health.  While she is away, Jane Brown has agreed to act as vice principal.  Jane’s background in both primary and intermediate teaching will serve her well in this role.  The focus of the vice principal’s teaching load will be on working with K/1 .  Jane will be taking a lead role in implementing our new early literacy materials and supporting the relationship between Kindergarten and the Strong Start program.  In addition, she will providing a few primary prep periods (probably music).  We welcome Jane to the office staff and wish her well in this new and challenging job! 

A reminder to all that the Strong Start program is now a VSB staffed program.  We welcome Sonika Khosla as the new Strong Start Facilitator.  Please join me in welcoming her to our staff.

I will be setting up interviews for this Friday for our only vacant position.  We have a 2 day a week continuing resource position to fill.  If you are planning to come to school on Friday or are interested in being part of the interview committee, please email me and let me know.  Otherwise, I will go ahead on my own as we would like to have this settled before school starts next week.

As soon as possible in the first week, please send your red folders and emergency back packs to the office to be updated.  Thank you. 

The school looks sparkly and clean thanks to the hard work of our custodial staff.  Thank you to our team for doing such a great job. 

Your Welcome packages are in your boxes.  Please take a moment to check what you are assigned to for the first week.  Also, please note the new timetable included.  Our schedule has been changed (again!).  We welcome back a 20 minute recess.  Timing for class periods have been adjusted to reflect this year’s minutes of instruction. 

Relax and enjoy.  See you next week.