Weekly Message #3-2

I never sleep well the night before school starts.  Worries about what I’ve forgotten to prepare or problems that may occur dance through my head all night.  It always fascinates me that you can easily wipe out that “well rested summer feeling” in the first week of school.  Nonetheless, there is still a sense of excitement which comes with a fresh year and the opportunities it will bring to make a difference for our students.  I spent two days last week at a workshop with education guru, Andy Hargreaves.  He shared the teachings of his new book on “Professional Capital”  Nothing really new here – just a reminder of what we all know.  Good teachers make the difference.  Good thing that Moberly is full of not only good ,but great teachers!  One quote from Andy which stuck with me was: “Great teachers are not the ones who hand pick the best kids but the ones who do the best things with the ones they get”  I look forward to working with all of you again this year as we do “our best” for the kids.

We have 2 staff meetings this week.  Agendas are in your packages.  Please bring your questions to these meetings and we will do our best to provide the information and support you need.  Be gentle with Jane as she only heard about her “promotion” late in the summer.  It will take a little bit of time for our office team to get up to speed.

Please note that we will have a Meet the Teacher night next week.  I will share information with you at our staff meetings about the format and expectations as we invite our parent community to be part of the learning.


  1. Staff meeting on Tuesday at 10:00 in the staffroom
  2. Staff meeting at lunch on Thursday in the library (I need to use the Smartboard).  I will provide a pizza lunch so hurry down.

Have a great first week, everyone.

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