Weekly Message #3-6

It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving already.  Although it’s been a difficult September in many ways, the good news is that we have survived it!  Our SSSA situation continues to be unresolved but I will be meeting with Jennifer Andersen from the VSB this week to work out the details.  Hopefully, it will all be resolved by week’s end.  I am thankful for your hard work, commitment and patience.

I hope to get Morning announcements up and running by next week.  Thanks to Jen who has provided me with some “Mind up” messages.  In addition, I’d like to ask for some “gratitude” messages from the kids.  I’ll put some sheets in your box.  That way we can feature one or two a week for the next while. For music on Fridays this year, I’d like to ask staff members for the name of their favourite songs.  This is totally optional for you to participate.  I will put a blank form in your box and you can hand it back to me if you are willing to have your favourite song featured one Friday.

You might want to consider getting your picture taken on Monday’s photo day.  One of the perks with our Photo company is that each staff member can have a complimentary small photo package.  You get to see the proof before you put in your order.

Student Council forms went in your boxes on Friday.  Please encourage students who are interested to return their forms by this Friday (October 5th).  Jane and I will review them and likely seek your opinion on the best choices for this year’s leadership team.

On a personal note, I will be having eye surgery on Wednesday and therefore will be absent on Wednesday and Thursday.  I hope to return on Friday with better eyesight!!!


  1. Photo Day Monday
  2. Supervision Aide Meeting between recess and lunch on Monday.
  3. Joy Jose (Filipino Multicultural Home School Worker) has asked to speak with staff for 10 minutes at recess on Tuesday to let you know about support she can offer to Filipino families.
  4. Staff Ctte meeting on Tuesday at lunch.  We have lots of business to discuss so please try to arrive promptly.  Agendas should be in your boxes on Monday.
  5. SSSA meeting Friday at 8:30.  Pearl will be here to review our needs for the sensory room.  Please also bring your creative ideas for break coverage groupings.

Have a great week everyone.


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