Weekly Message #3-7

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I can’t remember a Thanksgiving when we’ve had better weather.

I feel like I should be singing “I can see clearly now”!  I am so pleased to have my eye surgery done and even more pleased with the results.  Aside from some mild irritation, my eye is fully recovered and the world is in sharper focus.  Thanks to everyone who helped keep the ship afloat during my absence.

I will be meeting with two police constables this week to plan some safety talks for our senior students – particularly focused on fireworks and Halloween safety.

After meeting with Jennifer Andersen last week, we have some plans in place to improve our SSSA situation.  She has confirmed our additional SSSA and we will hopefully get an extra .5 later this month to help with break coverage.  As a result, I will be working to modify the current break schedule this week and then again when we get the additional staffing.  Your patience is appreciated.

Thanks to Gwen for organizing our volunteer readers for this year.  Please note that “One to One” starts this week and for those who are on the schedule, there is a green schedule in your boxes. Please  have the students start down to the library a couple of minutes before their designated time so they will have the whole time with the volunteer.


  1. TJ from Yball will be talking to classes on Tuesday about this year’s program.
  2. Renee Diemert will be here at recess on Thursday to meet with Patti and the teachers who have aboriginal students in their classes this year.  The model for supporting our aboriginal students has changed and she would like to present some options for working with our 4 students.

Have a great 4 day week everyone!

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