Weekly Message #3-9

Scenery from our walk around Lost Lake at Whistler

We enjoyed a great weekend at Whistler where we woke up on Friday morning to the first snowfall of the year!  Our conference speaker was Andy Hargreaves who spoke to us about his recent book, “Professional Capital”  At the risk of oversimplification, I would summarize his message in the following way: “Well educated teachers with good social skills who make good decisions are the most important part of our schools when it comes to helping students”.  He went on to share with us some ways that we can work in our schools to support teachers in the three areas of: human capital, social capital and decisional capital.  Dr. Hargreaves is hoping to work with the Vancouver district on this topic over the next couple of years and is planning to offer some opportunities for teachers to become involved with his work.  If you are interested in reading his book, just let me know.

I hope you all had positive and inspirational pro-d experiences on Friday.  If you learned something new or exciting, please consider sharing with a colleague.  Learning from each other’s pro-d experiences is an untapped potential gold mine!

I will be working hard to put together Spellathon packages and wish lists this week.  Stay tuned.  I will be absent on Monday so Jane is in charge.


  1. National School Library Day on Monday.  Let’s all do our parts to show our support for the importance of school libraries.  Kudos to Gwen for organizing a school celebration and for lining up some community partners to be “guest readers”.  It would be great if everyone could participate in “Drop Everything and Read” in the afternoon.
  2. Police constables from the Ross St Community Policing office will be here on Tuesday afternoon to talk to Grade 6 and 7 classes regarding Halloween safety
  3. Goal Setting Interviews this week.  Most people will be doing their interviews on Wednesday night and Thursday.  Please make sure to give a copy of your schedule to the office so that we can support you.
  4. Health & Safety Meeting this Friday at 8:00 in the staffroom.  If you have any employee safety concerns that need to be addressed, please list them in the Health & Safety log by Thursday at noon
  5. If the weather cooperates, we will have a Fire Drill this week.  Please be prepared.
  6. Tentative SSSA meeting this Friday at 8:30 in the Sensory room.



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