Weekly Message #3-12

We look forward to celebrating Diwali together on Tuesday!  Thanks to Narinder, Harjinder and Mike for their assistance in putting together our celebration.  At our assembly, we will enjoy some dancing by a group of Grade 7 girls.  Our indian luncheon promises to be delicious!.  I had an interesting adventure at the Guru Bazaar on Thursday after school where I was able to purchase a reasonably priced “pyjami suit” to wear on Tuesday.  If you were ever thinking of buying a suit or picking up some fabric, now is the time, as the store is closing and moving to Surrey.

I know that many of you have spent part of your long weekend working on reports but hopefully you also found time to enjoy the beautiful sunshine on Friday and Saturday.  The cold snap in the air tells us that winter will soon be here.


  1. Diwali assembly led by Div. 1 at 2:00 on Tuesday in the gym
  2. Patti will be attending meetings at the VSB all day on Wednesday.  Resource reports are due that day so don’t worry about handing them in on Thursday instead!
  3. PAC meeting next Tuesday night (the 20th) at 7:00 pm in case a teacher would like to attend.

Enjoy a second four day week!


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