Weekly Message #3-13

It’s almost time to move past report card fever to the holiday season stuff – can you believe it?  Jane is reading evens and Patti is reading odds.  Please let us know if you are going to be late.

I will be handing out information to your boxes this week on applying for district collaboration funds.  Please look over the info carefully and let Patti know if you are interested in applying.

I am pleased to let you know that Jennifer Andersen has approved an additional .5 SSSA position to help with break coverage!  We are working on finding someone who wants to work 10 – 2 each day.  This will provide some extra support for the classes who are giving up their SSSA to cover other people’s breaks.

I met with a reporter from the Vancouver Sun last week about their Adopt-a-school fund.  I am hoping they will provide us some funding for areas of need at Moberly.  I will keep you informed!  In the meantime, two classes are going to the Aquarium in early December thanks to this program.  Congrats to Paul R. and Alison / Maggie whose names were drawn for the trip.


  1. David Thompson Articulation breakfast on Tuesday morning at 7:15 a.m.  Patti will be attending for Moberly.
  2. Salad day on Tuesday for those who have signed up.
  3. Teachers(classroom and resource ) of autistic children will be involved with the Popard meetings this week.  Thanks to Jen and Pat Sykes (district consultant) for organizing this additional support.
  4. PAC meeting on Tuesday evening
  5. Area meeting on Wednesday morning – Jane and Patti away.  Paul will be in charge.
  6. Patti will be at a meeting all day at the VSB on Friday.
  7. Performance of Clever Cherries for K-7 at 1:30 on Friday.  The new gym will be closed from 10:30 for the elaborate set up needed.



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