Weekly Message #3-17

imagesLike many of you, I find my mind wandering to the topic of the shooting in Connecticut on Friday.  This is an unthinkable tragedy and I can’t even imagine what that school community is going through.  Please take advantage of the information provided in your boxes on Friday should any students wish to discuss this issue.  If you feel you need more help, do not hesitate to ask me, Jane, Kit or Richard to work with you.  In addition, district staff have offered their support.

On a more uplifting note, a huge thank you to Barb and Robin for planning a fun holiday get together on Friday.  It was such a pleasure to get together and just enjoy each others’ company.  Working (and playing) with all of you is such a blessing.  Thanks and congratulations also to Dan for planning a fun teacher/student game on Friday at lunch- great fun and more canned food, too!

Good news – most of our application for funding to the Community Link Team was approved.  We will be receiving $3800 to support the programs we listed (including field trip subsidies for needy students).  I will share all the details at our January Staff Committee meeting.

Employees on time sheets should note the early submission dates coming up. Dec 18th for this past week and Dec 20th for next week.  Please ask to have your time sheet signed early and if changes need to happen they will be dealt with after.

I hope that all of you will take the winter break off and stay home but in case you require access to the school over the holiday you should note that the school will not be accessible on: Dec. 24, 25, 26 31 and Jan 4.  If you decide to come in, it’s a good idea to call Tom on his cell at 778-838-3129.

The VSB has started planning for wireless internet for elementary schools.  Moberly is in group 5 (out of 8) so it will be a while! –  but it’s good to know we are moving ahead.

Bullying is a significant problem affecting school children but it is important to differentiate between peer conflict and bullying behaviour.  A document prepared by the district office was attached to your Weekly Message email and in addition you may wish to check out this website which describes the differences:



  1. Christmas Caroling will be held in the library from Monday to Thursday at 8:30 for anyone interested in joining in! (note change of location)
  2. Finance Committee meeting Tuesday at 11:00 am.
  3. School Based Team for Gr. 7 special needs placements on Wednesday at noon in Peggy’s room.
  4. Christmas Concert – Dress Rehearsal at 1:00 on Thursday and performance at 7:00 Thursday evening.
  5. Health & Safety Committee meeting Friday morning at 8:00



Weekly Message #3-16

images-1Lots of fun and excitement coming up over the next couple of weeks!  This is the time of year when some children are on their best behaviour for Santa’s sake and others lose control of their behaviour due to all the excitement , late nights and junk food!  Let’s hope we have more of the former than the latter.

I submitted our funding request to the Community Link team on Thursday last week.  Items included the following: purchase of games for afterschool and lunch programs, snack fund for Richard’s homework club, subsidy support for field trips / camp, funding for development of Student Leader program, high interest /low vocab books for the library, and teacher’s manuals for Corrective Reading.  Hopefully, they will see fit to fund all of these projects.  I plan to send in funding requests to Adopt a School this week for sensory room supplies and field trip support.

The Spellathon has wrapped up this week and I will give you a final number once I have worked out all the expenses but we have made about $3800.  Not as much as I had hoped but better than the initial numbers indicated.  We will have a Finance Committee meeting in January to review requests and set priorities for staff approval.  Big prizes will be awarded at our assembly on Monday, Dec. 10th (as well as the announcement of our pizza party winners)


  1. Spellathon Assembly Monday at 2:30 p.m.
  2. Patti will be at the VSB all day on Wednesday for a meeting
  3. Salad Day this Thursday for the “Salad Club”.
  4. Moberly Staff party this Friday at 4:00.  Hope to see you there!


Weekly Message #3-15

imagesIf you haven’t had a chance to look at the Moberly website recently, please consider checking it out this week.  I took the time on the Pro-D day to wander around the halls snapping some pictures of the amazing art on display in our hallways.  My message to the community this week is about the importance of Art Education and how it supports improved learning in all areas of education.  You are doing a great job of expanding the creativity of our students and the school looks so much more alive when there is student work on display.  Thank you for making that extra effort to put together the bulletin boards outside your classrooms.

I’d like to say that the Spellathon is speeding along the “speedway” as advertised on my bulletin board but it has been very slow.  We have collected about $3500 so far and $1000 of that will go to pay for the prizes.  Please continue to encourage students to bring in money this week.  We will continue to collect “officially” until Wednesday.  I will close up the prize center that day so that you can have easier access to the photocopy room.  Thanks for your patience in sharing the space with me over the past week.

I am hearing lots of positive feedback about the Popard training last Monday.  If you were fortunate enough to be part of the group, I hope you will find the ideas to be practical, doable and supportive of making your classrooms even better.  Thanks to Jen and Pat Sykes (inclusion consultant) for helping make this happen.  We look forward to a follow up session in December.

I will be talking about two important funding opportunities at Tuesday’s staff meeting so please put on your thinking caps!  We need to put together a “collaborative” funding proposal.  In addition, we can access up to $4250 from Community Link if we put in an appropriate proposal by December 10th.  Only 8 schools have been included in this opportunity so we don’t want to miss out.  I’ll talk to you about the guidelines at Tuesday’s lunch meeting.


  1. Divisions 2 and 3 (along with Patti) will be going to the aquarium on Monday for our free field trip funded by the Vancouver Sun “Adopt a schooL” program.
  2. Staff Committee meeting Tuesday at lunch.  Agendas are in your boxes.  Please be on time as we have a lengthy agenda.
  3. Patti & Jane will be at an area meeting on Wednesday morning – Paul is in charge.
  4. 2:00 dismissal on Wednesday(only) for Parent Teacher conferences.  6 divisions will be doing their conferences this week.  A reminder to teachers who did goal setting conferences that there may be parents who wish to discuss report cards with you.  It is important that you make those arrangements.

Only 3 weeks to go – have a great week everyone.