Weekly Message #3-19

UnknownBrrr…. I love the break in the rain and we just got back from a long walk with the dogs down to Steveston.  But boy is it cold!  We saw a robin sitting in the tree on the way there – I guess he’s confused because Spring is still a long way off.  We all survived the first week and it will be Spring Break before we know it!

Henry and I will both be out of the building a lot this week – hopefully it will be a quiet one.

We look forward to a great Pro-D day next Monday.  Any teachers who have other pro-d plans should let Brenden know.  SSSAs should inform Patti of their plans for the day.


  1. Henry will be away at VP orientation on Monday morning. (sub provided)
  2. PAC meeting on Tuesday from 9:00 – 10:00 in the library
  3. Patti will be at the School Board for the rest of Tuesday.
  4. Patti & Henry will be at the area meeting on Wednesday morning and Henry will have another orientation meeting in the afternoon. Paul will be in charge.
  5. JO Articulation breakfast at 7:30 on Thursday morning.  All grade 7 resource and classroom teachers are on the list to attend along with Patti & Henry.
  6. DT staff will be here to talk with Grade 7’s going to DT on Thursday afternoon at 1:00.
  7. Patti will be at a workshop all day Friday.

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