Weekly Message #3-20

Unknown-1I spent the day on Friday at an excellent workshop called, “Mean Girls”.  The presenter outlined the roles that girls typically play with each other in social situations and made recommendations on how to work with young women to make better choices.  Of particular interest was the information shared on the role the internet has played in complicating and broadening the effect of negative behaviour.  At Tuesday’s assembly, students from Div. 3 will share a strategy for students to use when making choices about what to say to each other.  I have written a short explanation of it on our website in my principal’s blog.  Feel free to have a look or you can wait until Tuesday when the kids explain it.  It is simple and may help some of our students make better choices.

I will be meeting with our “Moberly Clothing” rep this week to look at offering Moberly logo items again this year.  Some items will be the same but we will likely add some sweat pants.

Our congratulations to Phil and Claire on the birth of their new son!


  1. Pro- D day on Monday.  Thanks to Jen, Brenden and Robin for helping to lead sessions for staff.  It should be a great day.
  2. Finance Ctte meeting at lunch on Tuesday in Patti’s office.
  3. Student Assembly led by Div. 3 at 1:00 on Tuesday afternoon.
  4. Patti will be at the VSB all day Wednesday
  5. Eleanor Cramb here on Thursday to discuss placements for Grade 7 students
  6. Ball Hockey game between VPD and Grade 6/7 students on Thursday at lunch
  7. Hot Chocolate Day on Friday – sponsored by Student Council.  Students will have an opportunity to pre-order hot chocolate and/or a small package of oatmeal chocolate cookies.



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