Weekly Message #3-21

Unknown-2I hope you all had a wonderful, restful weekend as we cruise in to the last week of January.  We all eagerly anticipate Groundhog Day next weekend in the hopes that the winter will soon be behind us.

I will be attending the UBC Partners in Education reception after school on Wednesday where they will present their new model for teacher education.  I’ll make sure to take notes so I can share with you what we can expect in the future.

Thank you to all of the teachers who are immersed in the FSA process.  Although there are limitations to the usefulness of the data collected, we can include these results in our overall understanding of our students’ progress and skill development.  Thanks in advance to our Grade 7 teachers who will also be administering the MDI (Middle Years Development Instrument) in mid February.


1.     Henry and Jen will be attending the ERASE workshop all day Friday.  This is a board initiative to work with students to prevent bullying.

The ERASE Initiative is being led by Theresa Campbell, of Safe Schools Together and Kevin Cameron, Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response. Premier Christy Clark announced the strategy in June 2012; it includes 10 key points….

  1.  A five-year,multi-level training program for educators and community partners to help them! proactively identify and address threats.
  2.  An anonymous online reporting tool for students – administered by EduData
  3. Dedicated Safe School Coordinators in every school district.
  4. Stronger codes of conduct for schools
  5. Provincial guidelines for threat assessments.
  6. New online resources for parents – see www.erasebullying.ca
  7. Formal protocols to guide and coordinate the work of school and community partners.
  8. A provincial advisory committee.
  9. Focusing one of the existing six provincial teacher professional development days on anti-bullying and safe schools professional development
  10. Anti-bullying and threat assessment training for pre-service teachers.

2.     Patti will be at the VSB from 9:30 on Friday morning for the rest of the day.  Paul will be in charge.


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