Weekly Message #3-22

UnknownI am hoping for a less eventful week this week.  Last Monday, my mom spent the night in the hospital to receive an emergency blood transfusion.  She is feeling much better – thank goodness.  Then my poor graceful husband lost his footing on the second step from the bottom in our front hall on Wednesday at noon.  He had a terrible tumble resulting in a sprained ankle and a dislocated / fractured shoulder.  He is in a great deal of pain but is now able to get up and down from a chair without my assistance.  We find out on Wednesday whether he will need surgery to repair his shoulder.  To top it off, we had the “unveiling” of David’s mother’s headstone today – a Jewish tradition which recognizes the end of the year long mourning period,  The guests have just left and so I finally have time to sit down and write my weekly message.  I look forward to returning to school tomorrow!

Thank you to Henry and Paul for their extra help and support over the past couple of days.

The Student Council’s “Compliments & Kisses” event will start this week.  I will hand out the forms for your classes and explain the program at our Tuesday Staff Meeting.


  1. Supervision Aide monthly meeting at 11:00 a.m. on Monday
  2. Staff Committee meeting Tuesday at noon.  If you have any agenda items, please let me or Paul know asap as we will put out an agenda on Monday.
  3. JO Articulation team on site to meet with Grade 7 teachers at 1:00 on Tuesday
  4. Green Thumb Theatre here to perform “Night Light” for K-7 on Wednesday afternoon.

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