Weekly Message #3-23

imagesI don’t know about you but I am enjoying our first Family Day!  What a great treat to have a long weekend in the middle of February.  As we head into Valentine’s week, I am thankful for your support in helping to make sure our “Compliments and Candy Kisses” Student Council project is a big success.  I have already received some lovely compliments from some of our primary students!  As advertised, Student Council members will be on hand this week at recess and from 12:30 – 1 to receive completed forms and hand out one candy kiss for the form (Limit one per customer please).

I am pleased to let you know that Yvette Chamberlain has accepted the OAA position in our office and will be starting on February 18th.  We will be very sad to let Rachelle go but I am sure that you will enjoy working with Yvette who many of you will have met before Christmas.  The extra clerical position was filled by a Punjabi speaking applicant who is currently on Maternity leave.  Manpreet will start in Feb. 2014.  In the meantime, we have reposted the position as a 1 year temporary job and it should be filled soon.

I was thrilled to receive notification from Adopt a School that both of our grant submissions were approved.  We have received approximately $6700 to support a Kindergarten Levelled Literacy Kit and support materials for our new Sensory Room. Pearl (OT) will be at Moberly on Tuesday to provide some guidance on selected resources for our room.


  1. Both Henry and Patti will be away at the board all day on Wednesday.  Paul will be in charge.
  2. Chinese luncheon on Wednesday – Thank you Narinder for organizing.
  3. School Based Team on Thursday to hear the report out on our two Psych Ed assessments.

Have a great short week everyone!


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