Weekly Message #3-24

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

On Tuesday evening, the PAC is hosting a guest speaker on Cyberbullying.  They will be providing lots of information on how to keep kids safe on the internet.  Staff are welcome to join us.  The other schools who have had this group present have said it was very helpful for everyone.

Thanks to everyone for your support of our Compliments and Candy Kisses project last week.  I was so impressed by the number of sheets turned in and the quality of the compliments that many of the students had developed.  Hopefully, everyone received at least compliment – you all deserve one!

As report card time looms, please feel free to run your template by the office if that is helpful.  This term, Henry will be reading odds and Patti will be reading evens and resource reports. Thanks in advance for taking the time to proofread your reports before handing them in.

Please join me in welcoming Yvette Chamberlain as our new OAA.  Monday is her first day.

Finally, on a personal note, my gratitude to all of you for the moral support as I deal with all my family needs!  David continues to improve every day and will have his much awaited eye surgery this Thursday (I’ll be away that day).  Hopefully this third surgery will return his vision.  My mom is making a good recovery.  Although we are not sure what the long term prognosis will be, she is getting stronger and is now able to do a circuit around the hallway at the hospital.  She is sharing a four bed room with 3 men!  This has been an adjustment for an 81 year old.  Just to keep us hopping, we added in a 2 a.m. trip to emergency with my Dad last night.  He was having trouble breathing and turns out he is verging on pneumonia.  Yikes!  We have brought him to our house for the duration and he is settling in nicely.


  1. Cyberbullying presentation at PAC meeting Tuesday evening.  7:00 in the new gym.
  2. Patti away Wednesday morning at the VSB.
  3. Do Bugs need Drugs presentation for Grade 2 students in the old gym Wednesday afternoon – details to follow.
  4. Raman will be here to talk to classes about Spring Break programs on Thursday afternoon.
  5. Patti away all day Thursday.
  6. Aboriginal School Based Team on Friday.  Agendas will go in affected teachers’ boxes.

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