Weekly Message #3-25

images-1Welcome to Pink Day Week!  The students of Division 4 have been working hard to prepare an engaging assembly for everyone which emphasizes friendship, getting along and being kind to one another.  Please encourage your students to “show their pink” on Wednesday.  Student Council members will come around to classes after the assembly with pink ribbons for anyone who forgot to wear pink (optional of course!).

The staffing and projections part of the spring is ramping up so I will be sending out my usual survey to teachers and SSSAs asking about their preferences for next year.  Right now, our “approved” projection is around 444 (down 30 from this year).  I don’t think we will have a big dip next year and will be working hard to find the evidence I need to support this.  Please help me out by getting students to return their “Are you returning?” sheets in a timely way.

Moberly clothing is selling slowly.  We will have a fashion show at Wednesday’s assembly and the deadline for orders will be March 4th.  The order will go in next week.

Please join me in welcoming Sheena Narain to our office team.  Sheena speaks both Hindi and Punjabi!  Your patience as Yvette and Sheena find their footing in the office is much appreciated.


  1. Resource Reports are due Monday and classroom reports are due Wednesday.  Patti is reading evens (and resource).  Henry is reading odds.  Please let us know if your reports will be late.
  2. Henry away Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning at workshops.
  3. Code Red Drill on Tuesday.  Kevin Parkinson (SLO) will be here at 12:30 in the staffroom to speak with all staff members.  The drill will follow at about 1:10 p.m.  Please review the procedures handed out to you on the red sheet a few weeks ago (also in your orange and yellow flip book).
  4. Student Assembly on Pink Day (Wednesday).
  5. Patti absent Friday – hopefully David will have his eye surgery this time! Regular SSSA meeting postponed to Friday March 8th at 8:30 a.m.

Have a great week everyone.


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