Weekly Message #3-29

Goodbye showers - hello flowers!

Goodbye showers – hello flowers!

Gotta love that sunshine today as an unexpected gift given the forecast of rain all weekend!

Two members of the Moberly community visited the office last week to complain about the ongoing noise, partying and inappropriate behaviour at night behind our school.  As a result, the VSB has committed to security sweeps over the next while and we are pursuing the possibility of installing “mosquito” buzzers behind the school.  Staff and community need to be polled in regard to this installation so stay tuned for more.

Thank you for your input at our hastily planned staff meeting last week.  As I had mentioned at our School Planning Day, there are a number of issues / requirements that needed your input on a very short timeline.  Thanks to you, I was able to submit our LIF proposal before the deadline at noon on Thursday and submit our input on the “10% holdback / wireless” survey by Friday.

We have made some progress on our Pro-D planning for next year and the related effect that would have on our selection of Pro D dates.  We are currently working with Sexsmith, Henderson and Henderson Annex to put together a “family of schools day” next year which would feature two presenters – Adrienne Gear and Lori Sherritt-Fleming.  We will be working with the pro-d committees from the different schools to fine tune the offerings but likely each presenter would do two sessions – 1 for primary and 1 for intermediate.  Adrienne would present on Power Reading and Lori’s speciality is writing and vocabulary development.  We will confirm a date this week.  We are aiming for early in the year so that we can use the ideas right away.  I’ll let you know when we have a date and then provide you with the collated results of our pro-d day survey.

I hope to make some progress on a draft of our school plan this week and then provide it to you electronically for feedback.  If you would like a paper copy please let me know.

Our annual staffing meeting will be this Friday where Henry and I will receive our preliminary staffing for next year.  It looks like we will be going down a class again.  If you are thinking about retirement and haven’t told me, please consider letting me know.  If you are an enrolling teacher and you would be interested in a resource position, also please let me know.  Please set aside Wednesday May 8th at lunch when we will present proposals for next year’s staffing plan.  Henry and I will be working with the plan from Friday onward to come up with our best scenarios and to speak to people who may be affected by the changes in staffing numbers.  Your input and ideas are welcome and will contribute to our final organization.


  1. Henry is away on Monday
  2. Patti will be away on Tuesday
  3. Dreamrider performance for K-4 on Wednesday morning at 9:00 in the old gym.
  4. Staff committee meeting this Thursday – agenda items to Paul or the sign up sheet in the staff room by Tuesday at 3:00 please.  Agendas will be distributed to your boxes on Wednesday.
  5. Big one at two drill on Thursday.  Please make sure to read through your packages carefully so you are prepared.  We will be outside from 2:00 – approx. 3:15 to facilitate our student release program.  This will be a messy process the first time through – please consider this a test as we will be seeking your feedback to fine tune things!  Remind your students to dress for the weather (and you too!)
  6. Staffing meeting at the VSB on Friday morning (Patti & Henry will attend).  Paul in charge until we return.

Weekly Message #3-28

images-1Thank you to everyone who participated in a very intense School Planning Day on Friday.  We have made an excellent start on forming a meaningful plan for next year.  Your feedback on our LIF (Learning Improvement Fund) application will help me to draft up a proposal for our school.  Finally, we have started the task of setting a calendar for next year.  As discussed, the following will be coming your way asap:

  • A survey regarding the setting of the 5 pro-d / 1 planning day for 2013/14
  • proposed wording for our school plan literacy goal and strategies
  • proposed strategies for addressing the aboriginal goal we have agreed to
  • proposed application for LIF based on your input and advice from the district office
  • sign up sheet for those interested in the Truth and Reconciliation project

Each of these requests for information will be very important to making sure that our School Plan, calendar and funding proposal reflect the needs as identified by our staff.  I will apologize ahead of time for the need for speedy feedback in order to meet district timelines.  I will invite you to meet as needed for clarification or further discussion.

I am looking forward to our second Family Pancake breakfast on Monday morning.  Please feel free to drop in even if you haven’t ordered pancakes.  All staff are most welcome.

It’s Administrative Professionals’ Week so please take an extra minute to send some appreciation towards our hard working office staff.


  1. Pancake Breakfast 7:30 – 9:00 Monday morning.  It is possible that some students may arrive in class a little late if they arrive late to pick up their pancakes.
  2. Earth Day Assembly led by Div. 6.  This promises to be an entertaining and informative event!  Thanks to Div. 6, Brenden and Judy for their hard work.  Thanks also to Jane for preparing the primary singers and Miranda for leading the group on Monday.
  3. Keep Vancouver Spectacular.  Let’s hope for sunshine as the students head out on Monday afternoon to clean up our school community.
  4. Patti & Henry will be at Health & Safety Training on Tuesday morning
  5. Patti & Henry will be taking the office staff out for lunch on Wednesday – Lorena from the DRPC will be in charge of the office and first aid from 1:00 – 2:30.
  6. Health & Safety Ctte meeting Thursday morning at 8:15 in the staffroom.  We will discussing and providing information to the district regarding safety and security of staff.
  7. Governance Meeting for the Community Schools Team on Thursday from 10:00 – 12:00.  Patti and  Henry to attend.
  8. Henry will be away on Friday (and next Monday) .  No TTOC provided.

Weekly Message #3-27

imagesFeels like we had winter back with the cool temperatures this weekend!  But it didn’t stop thousands of people from showing up at the annual Baisakhi parade.  David and I were invited to have lunch at the home of a family who have reconnected with Moberly.  It was great to have a chance to enjoy a delicious indian meal inside out of the cold.  Bal Brach and her family are interested in supporting us with a fundraising plan for our new intermediate playground.  We didn’t actually see the parade as it was running very late but we spotted a few Moberly students as we wandered along Fraser St.

Another busy week ahead.  We have received some of our Corrective Reading materials but not all yet.  I will keep you posted.  Jen will be continuing with some training this week.


  1. Committee members to plan our annual Talent Show are invited to a meeting at recess on Monday in Patti’s office
  2. Mr. Khalsa will be here Monday afternoon to talk with students (not sure which grades)
  3. PAC meeting at 9:00 on Tuesday morning in the library.
  4. Wheat in the Barley performance at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon for K-7 in the new gym.
  5. Patti will be at the Area meeting on Wednesday.  Henry will be at school for articulation.
  6. School Planning Day on Friday.  Looking forward to a great day talking about how to make our school the best it can be!

Weekly Message #3-26

A Caribbean Wonderland

A Caribbean Wonderland

Strange as it may seem, I have missed this opportunity to communicate with you all over the past month.  Imagine my surprise when I sat down last Sunday to resume my weekly messages and discovered that I had completely forgotten my password to get into my VSB email!  I hope you all had a chance to read the thank you note that I left for you at the sign in.  You are an amazing group of people.  Thank you also for the money from the staff which I used to buy a heart shaped charm for my bracelet in memory of my sweet mother.

Spring Break seems a long time ago as we dive into this final term which always goes so quickly.  I look forward to meeting with you on Tuesday for our staff committee meeting where we will address a number of important topics.  We need to select a date for Sports Day and make plans for organizing the day.  In addition, the students are anxiously waiting to hear about a talent show for this year.  Due to job action, Paul and I organized this event last year.  I am hoping that some of you will want to get involved with organizing this year.

The Board’s annual budget meeting will happen on Tuesday – bad news I am sure with a large deficit to address.  Two of our staff members have received “contemplation of layoff” letters.  We hope that they will not be laid off but budget realities may dictate otherwise.  Staffing is still a work in progress as numbers firm up.  I am still hoping for about 16  more K registrations so please beat the bushes for any 5 year olds who haven’t registered yet.  Thank you for submitting your preference forms.  I will do my best to form an organization that meets your preferred needs – you will be part of this process.

Our next Pro-D day is on April 19th and will be focused on School Planning and Calendar set up.  All staff should attend if possible.  Please let me know if you are not able to join the group  Some SSAs are committed to training outside Moberly that day.  Our final Pro-D day is on May 10th and has not been organized yet.  Please bring your ideas to Tuesday’s staff meeting.

It’s time to think about Moberly Summer School and I hope to have forms out to you this week to look at recommendations for this year’s remedial program.  Special needs students are eligible to attend and should be recommended IF they can take advantage of the regular remedial program you plan to offer.  If they need a completely individualized program, they are not appropriate.  SSSA support is available for those who are appropriate (if they normally have this support).

Don’t let the rain get you down – sunshine is just around the corner.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting with Patti on Monday after recess
  2. Finance Meeting at VSB Tuesday a.m.  Henry will also be out of the building so Paul will be in charge until about 10:30
  3. A rep from the City of Vancouver parking department will be here to meet with Patti on Thursday morning.  If you have any input you’d like me to share – just pass it along.