Weekly Message #3-26

A Caribbean Wonderland

A Caribbean Wonderland

Strange as it may seem, I have missed this opportunity to communicate with you all over the past month.  Imagine my surprise when I sat down last Sunday to resume my weekly messages and discovered that I had completely forgotten my password to get into my VSB email!  I hope you all had a chance to read the thank you note that I left for you at the sign in.  You are an amazing group of people.  Thank you also for the money from the staff which I used to buy a heart shaped charm for my bracelet in memory of my sweet mother.

Spring Break seems a long time ago as we dive into this final term which always goes so quickly.  I look forward to meeting with you on Tuesday for our staff committee meeting where we will address a number of important topics.  We need to select a date for Sports Day and make plans for organizing the day.  In addition, the students are anxiously waiting to hear about a talent show for this year.  Due to job action, Paul and I organized this event last year.  I am hoping that some of you will want to get involved with organizing this year.

The Board’s annual budget meeting will happen on Tuesday – bad news I am sure with a large deficit to address.  Two of our staff members have received “contemplation of layoff” letters.  We hope that they will not be laid off but budget realities may dictate otherwise.  Staffing is still a work in progress as numbers firm up.  I am still hoping for about 16  more K registrations so please beat the bushes for any 5 year olds who haven’t registered yet.  Thank you for submitting your preference forms.  I will do my best to form an organization that meets your preferred needs – you will be part of this process.

Our next Pro-D day is on April 19th and will be focused on School Planning and Calendar set up.  All staff should attend if possible.  Please let me know if you are not able to join the group  Some SSAs are committed to training outside Moberly that day.  Our final Pro-D day is on May 10th and has not been organized yet.  Please bring your ideas to Tuesday’s staff meeting.

It’s time to think about Moberly Summer School and I hope to have forms out to you this week to look at recommendations for this year’s remedial program.  Special needs students are eligible to attend and should be recommended IF they can take advantage of the regular remedial program you plan to offer.  If they need a completely individualized program, they are not appropriate.  SSSA support is available for those who are appropriate (if they normally have this support).

Don’t let the rain get you down – sunshine is just around the corner.


  1. Supervision Aide meeting with Patti on Monday after recess
  2. Finance Meeting at VSB Tuesday a.m.  Henry will also be out of the building so Paul will be in charge until about 10:30
  3. A rep from the City of Vancouver parking department will be here to meet with Patti on Thursday morning.  If you have any input you’d like me to share – just pass it along.


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