Weekly Message #3-27

imagesFeels like we had winter back with the cool temperatures this weekend!  But it didn’t stop thousands of people from showing up at the annual Baisakhi parade.  David and I were invited to have lunch at the home of a family who have reconnected with Moberly.  It was great to have a chance to enjoy a delicious indian meal inside out of the cold.  Bal Brach and her family are interested in supporting us with a fundraising plan for our new intermediate playground.  We didn’t actually see the parade as it was running very late but we spotted a few Moberly students as we wandered along Fraser St.

Another busy week ahead.  We have received some of our Corrective Reading materials but not all yet.  I will keep you posted.  Jen will be continuing with some training this week.


  1. Committee members to plan our annual Talent Show are invited to a meeting at recess on Monday in Patti’s office
  2. Mr. Khalsa will be here Monday afternoon to talk with students (not sure which grades)
  3. PAC meeting at 9:00 on Tuesday morning in the library.
  4. Wheat in the Barley performance at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon for K-7 in the new gym.
  5. Patti will be at the Area meeting on Wednesday.  Henry will be at school for articulation.
  6. School Planning Day on Friday.  Looking forward to a great day talking about how to make our school the best it can be!

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