Weekly Message #3-28

images-1Thank you to everyone who participated in a very intense School Planning Day on Friday.  We have made an excellent start on forming a meaningful plan for next year.  Your feedback on our LIF (Learning Improvement Fund) application will help me to draft up a proposal for our school.  Finally, we have started the task of setting a calendar for next year.  As discussed, the following will be coming your way asap:

  • A survey regarding the setting of the 5 pro-d / 1 planning day for 2013/14
  • proposed wording for our school plan literacy goal and strategies
  • proposed strategies for addressing the aboriginal goal we have agreed to
  • proposed application for LIF based on your input and advice from the district office
  • sign up sheet for those interested in the Truth and Reconciliation project

Each of these requests for information will be very important to making sure that our School Plan, calendar and funding proposal reflect the needs as identified by our staff.  I will apologize ahead of time for the need for speedy feedback in order to meet district timelines.  I will invite you to meet as needed for clarification or further discussion.

I am looking forward to our second Family Pancake breakfast on Monday morning.  Please feel free to drop in even if you haven’t ordered pancakes.  All staff are most welcome.

It’s Administrative Professionals’ Week so please take an extra minute to send some appreciation towards our hard working office staff.


  1. Pancake Breakfast 7:30 – 9:00 Monday morning.  It is possible that some students may arrive in class a little late if they arrive late to pick up their pancakes.
  2. Earth Day Assembly led by Div. 6.  This promises to be an entertaining and informative event!  Thanks to Div. 6, Brenden and Judy for their hard work.  Thanks also to Jane for preparing the primary singers and Miranda for leading the group on Monday.
  3. Keep Vancouver Spectacular.  Let’s hope for sunshine as the students head out on Monday afternoon to clean up our school community.
  4. Patti & Henry will be at Health & Safety Training on Tuesday morning
  5. Patti & Henry will be taking the office staff out for lunch on Wednesday – Lorena from the DRPC will be in charge of the office and first aid from 1:00 – 2:30.
  6. Health & Safety Ctte meeting Thursday morning at 8:15 in the staffroom.  We will discussing and providing information to the district regarding safety and security of staff.
  7. Governance Meeting for the Community Schools Team on Thursday from 10:00 – 12:00.  Patti and  Henry to attend.
  8. Henry will be away on Friday (and next Monday) .  No TTOC provided.

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