Weekly Message #3-29

Goodbye showers - hello flowers!

Goodbye showers – hello flowers!

Gotta love that sunshine today as an unexpected gift given the forecast of rain all weekend!

Two members of the Moberly community visited the office last week to complain about the ongoing noise, partying and inappropriate behaviour at night behind our school.  As a result, the VSB has committed to security sweeps over the next while and we are pursuing the possibility of installing “mosquito” buzzers behind the school.  Staff and community need to be polled in regard to this installation so stay tuned for more.

Thank you for your input at our hastily planned staff meeting last week.  As I had mentioned at our School Planning Day, there are a number of issues / requirements that needed your input on a very short timeline.  Thanks to you, I was able to submit our LIF proposal before the deadline at noon on Thursday and submit our input on the “10% holdback / wireless” survey by Friday.

We have made some progress on our Pro-D planning for next year and the related effect that would have on our selection of Pro D dates.  We are currently working with Sexsmith, Henderson and Henderson Annex to put together a “family of schools day” next year which would feature two presenters – Adrienne Gear and Lori Sherritt-Fleming.  We will be working with the pro-d committees from the different schools to fine tune the offerings but likely each presenter would do two sessions – 1 for primary and 1 for intermediate.  Adrienne would present on Power Reading and Lori’s speciality is writing and vocabulary development.  We will confirm a date this week.  We are aiming for early in the year so that we can use the ideas right away.  I’ll let you know when we have a date and then provide you with the collated results of our pro-d day survey.

I hope to make some progress on a draft of our school plan this week and then provide it to you electronically for feedback.  If you would like a paper copy please let me know.

Our annual staffing meeting will be this Friday where Henry and I will receive our preliminary staffing for next year.  It looks like we will be going down a class again.  If you are thinking about retirement and haven’t told me, please consider letting me know.  If you are an enrolling teacher and you would be interested in a resource position, also please let me know.  Please set aside Wednesday May 8th at lunch when we will present proposals for next year’s staffing plan.  Henry and I will be working with the plan from Friday onward to come up with our best scenarios and to speak to people who may be affected by the changes in staffing numbers.  Your input and ideas are welcome and will contribute to our final organization.


  1. Henry is away on Monday
  2. Patti will be away on Tuesday
  3. Dreamrider performance for K-4 on Wednesday morning at 9:00 in the old gym.
  4. Staff committee meeting this Thursday – agenda items to Paul or the sign up sheet in the staff room by Tuesday at 3:00 please.  Agendas will be distributed to your boxes on Wednesday.
  5. Big one at two drill on Thursday.  Please make sure to read through your packages carefully so you are prepared.  We will be outside from 2:00 – approx. 3:15 to facilitate our student release program.  This will be a messy process the first time through – please consider this a test as we will be seeking your feedback to fine tune things!  Remind your students to dress for the weather (and you too!)
  6. Staffing meeting at the VSB on Friday morning (Patti & Henry will attend).  Paul in charge until we return.

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